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One more CWOSA member at the Kingdom Conference

SHIRL: It was so good sharing the experiences of the recent Kingdom Writers Conference (2022) with Deryn, Allyson, and Val, each one a CWOSA member. CWOSA stands for Christian Writers of Southern Africa. It was so good for the four of us to sit together in the Zoom meetings and share the things we were learning from the many fabulous speakers. Being in South Africa, we have few opportunities to attend such a function, so despite the challenge of our time zones (we were six hours ahead of them) and our loadshedding—where we find ourselves without power or internet for several hours at a time—we knuckled down and learned all we could.

Introducing Val Waldeck

Today, I’m chatting to Val Waldeck, a multi-published author, who has been a CWOSA member for many years. Val lives outside of Durban, on the South Coast of South Africa.

Val, it was so good sharing the experiences of the recent Kingdom Writers Conference (2022) with you. Did you benefit from it?

VAL: Hi Shirl, yes it was an interesting and informative conference, though challenging to attend all the sessions because of our power problems. However, we managed to get most of it, and it was worth the time and effort. I especially loved that it was Christ-focused and backed by prayer.

SHIRL: What were the biggest lessons you learned from the conference?

VAL: I’ve always been something of a loner. The few collaborations I have had with fellow authors proved very beneficial, but I generally prefer to work alone. The conference really impacted me because I began to understand the incredible resources and reach collaborating with others presents. Teamwork really does make a dream work! We can only go so far alone, but when we work with people of like mind, amazing doors of opportunity open as we share our gifts and resources. Iron sharpens iron.

SHIRL: So true. I think that struck home to all of us.

How will you put these thoughts into action?

VAL: I have already started working with the Christian Writers of South Africa (CWOSA) group which you lead. I am putting a blog post together for aspirant authors and publishing five CWOSA members on their best tips for new writers. We are each publishing something involving the other members and then plan to share the result among all our followers to arouse interest in our books. I am also taking the opportunity to share one of my books with a book reviewer I met at the Conference.

On a personal level, my focus over the next few months will be on building my mailing list. I will be looking for every opportunity to do this while, at the same time, helping those I collaborate with to do likewise. The opportunities are endless.

SHIRL: Once again, I think that’s something we all intend to do. I hope it goes well for you.

Val, what is your latest published book? Can you tell us a short blurb about it? Please give us a link to it.

VAL: The book I want to focus on is called “With My Own Eyes.” It shares the stories of personal friends who experienced unusual miracles in their lives. One of them was declared deceased after a serious motor accident. He came back to life and shared some amazing insights. Another was paralyzed. She was making breakfast when the Lord told her to stand up. She did and the rest is history. Older South Africans will remember Glenda Kemp, the infamous “Snake Dancer” of the 60’s who performed with a python named Oupa. Conservative Christian women marched in the streets in protest when she came to their town. Her amazing conversion to Christ shocked the nation. All the stories are true, encouraging, and motivating. It is available globally in Kindle and paperback. Click here for more information: With My Own Eyes.

SHIRL: Wonderful, thank you. Readers can actually read more about this book by reading an interview I did with you at the time you wrote it.

Do you have others collaborating in your book publishing?

Do you have outside cover designers, formatters, etc? Tell us a bit more.

VAL: Yes, I have a cover designer. This is a collaboration that works very well. He designs my covers and, in return, I host his website. This is a win-win for both of us. I format and publish my own books. I also have some proofreaders who help check for errors and omissions. Marketing has been an uphill climb, and this is where the conference was most valuable for me. It motivated me to investigate ways of working closely with other authors so we may reach more readers in a shorter time.

SHIRL: Yes, I think I’d rather write three books than market one! So what are your plans for your next book? Can you tell us a little about the story/theme?

VAL: As you know, I am an author and Bible teacher with a passion for end times. I am planning three new books for next year. “God Rules”- an inspirational study of Daniel; “Today’s Headlines”- an inspiration study of Revelation; and “Warriors Wearing Skirts”- the case for women in Christian ministry, especially in these end times. The title was inspired by the kilted troops that faced the German troops in the trenches in France during World War I. They were also known as “The Ladies from Hell” but I didn’t think that title would work!!!

SHIRL: I love the sound of all three of these. I think every CWOSA member enjoys your titles. You are very creative. I love the title, Warriors Wearing Skirts, but I admit I love the sound of The Ladies from Hell! But you’re probably right. Not really ideal for your genre! I loved the title you used for the seven-day book you wrote for our CWOSA compilation during COVID, “Saints in Lockdown”. Brilliant title! And once again, I interviewed you at that time.

The way forward

SHIRL: Val, is there any special way we can pray for you?

VAL: My heart’s desire is to have a global teaching ministry. I am planning a podcast in the new year focused on Bible teaching to complement my books. Please pray for wisdom, increased anointing, and financial independence so I may achieve my vision. I want to know Christ more deeply and to make Him known.

SHIRL: That sounds really exciting. Wow! I listened to all the talks on podcasting, and they combined to confirm one thing in my mind. I am not going to start a podcast. However, I still found the points made during those sessions useful for when I am interviewed on a podcast. I have one coming up at the end of the year and plan to be better prepared than on previous radio interviews, thanks to what I learned at the conference.

Thank you again, Val, for joining Deryn, Allyson, and myself, each of whom is a CWOSA member. It’s been fun hearing from each of our small team, and seeing how most of us are on the same wavelength for the way forward! Blessings on your next books, Val! In closing, how can people get in touch with you?

VAL: My website is Reaching Our Generation One Book at a Time and can be found at

Readers can find all my books on my Amazon Author page.




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  1. Fascinating interview with Val Waldeck, as I knew so little about her albeit we belong to the same CWOSA writers group. She was a bit of a dark horse for me. It was so good to read her focus on end times and being brave enough to open a podcast. I am with Shirl on that one. I am happy to guest, but the tech is waaaaay beyond me!

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