Naomi ~ Beloved mother-in-law

Out of the Shadow of Ruth

Naomi is one of the Out of the Shadow seriesPurchase your copy here.

The women in this series are usually thought of under the shadow of another person.

Naomi’s story is over-shadowed by the much-loved romance of Ruth and Boaz, yet the book of Ruth starts with Naomi and ends with Naomi.

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“The book may be named after Ruth, but Naomi was the one Ruth followed into a relationship with Yahweh. I loved getting to know the spunky older woman who left her homeland and returned with her daughter-in-law in tow”~Tracy Crump.

It’s all very well reading about the characters who live in the shadow of the Bible Greats, but do we ever get to know them as people?

In Naomi, well-known devotional writer Shirley Corder brings the older woman out of the shadow of her better-known daughter-in-law, Ruth. The reader will grow to love and empathize with this woman who had a lot to be bitter about.

Moved from her home to God’s “scrub bucket,” she lived for years in a foreign and idolatrous land. She experienced several devastating losses, before she made the first of a number of huge decisions, one that would influence the course of history for all eternity.

The first part of each chapter follow Naomi’s journey through tragedy and challenges. Will she ever know true happiness again? Although it sticks close to the Biblical version, the story is expanded slightly to allow the reader to follow the custom of the time. At the end of each chapter, there is a pause for readers to reflect on what they have read and how it may apply to them.

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Why should you read about Naomi?

I want you to get to know this brave woman of faith, as I bring her out of Ruth’s shadow.

The book is written in creative non-fiction, a genre which deals with facts written in story format. It comprises 43 short stories telling the Old Testament book of Ruth from Naomi’s point of view. It is not a work of fiction, but in order to bring the story alive, there are some embellishments to help you relate to the story.

How to read this book:

There are two ways you can use this book.

  1. You can read it through as a story, pausing at the reflections as you go.
  2. Or you may choose to use it with friends or an established Bible Study group.
    • You could assign several chapters to be read over the following week, possibly even as daily readings. Get together once a week to share your own reflections and discuss what each person has learned.

Scripture readings?

The Scripture readings are very short, because there is often so much information packed into one verse of Scripture. On a few occasions, you will even have the same reading for consecutive chapters.

I pray you will enjoy getting to know Naomi as she steps out of the shadow of Ruth, her beloved daughter-in-law.

The Bible book of Ruth begins with Naomi and ends with Naomi. Now get to know her: Click To Tweet

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