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Unveiling Owen: A Revealing Interview

Interview with Pastor Owen Douglas of Aloevale.

A few weeks ago, I posted an interview of Amanda, the pastor’s wife, by author Anna Jensen. Today, we’re privileged to read an interview by another author, Dianne Marie Andre, of Amanda’s husband, Owen Douglas, the pastor of the church.

Thank you, Dianne – and over to you.

Dianne Marie Andre (DMA): Thank you, Shirley. Reverend Douglas, I’m pleased to meet you. Having heard so much about you from Shirley Corder, I’m honored to finally interview you. May I call you Pastor Owen?

Pastor Owen (PO): Yes, just don’t call me Rev. My secretary loves to refer to me as Rev and it irritates me.

DMA:  Very well.

Let’s get on with the interview then.

You have a lot of responsibility. In addition to being a pastor, you’re a husband, and father of twins and one teenager! How do you manage your time? I’m sure family comes first, after God, that is.

PO: As head of the family, I depend on my wife, Amanda, to care for our children while I see to the many church essentials. Although, I do wish Amanda took an interest in serving the congregation more. The children are school age, so she’s free to lend a hand during their school hours.

DMA: As a mother, I know when the kids are at school there are a ton of chores to do. However, it is important for Moms to feel like they are serving God in some other compacity. What are Amanda’s strengths? Teaching? Organizing? Many pastor’s wives are gifted with hospitality, but surely you have parishioners ministering in most aspects?

PO: Not currently. The congregation is very laidback. Amanda once dabbled with oil paints, but I didn’t, and still don’t, feel it’s a ministry— certainly not for a pastor’s wife.

DMA: Oh, an artist!

You must be very proud of Amanda.

PO: I don’t know about that. I believe we’re here to guide people spiritually, not play with paints.

DMA: I see. If I may say, that sounds a little superior. God, Himself, is incredibly creative. You only need to look at the incredible skies he paints in the early morning and again at dusk. Still, I’m sure you love your wife deeply and want her to be happy.

PO: Of course.

DMA: So you encourage her with her painting when she has the time?

PO: Not really. When she has time, I like her to use it constructively in the life of the church. Having said that, she rarely has time. When I suggest something she could do, she always seeks to find something more urgent.

Changing the subject:

DMA: Changing the subject, Pastor Owen, as a spiritual leader, what is one suggestion you’d offer families in a crisis?

PO: That obviously depends on the crisis. Each family’s needs vary so there isn’t one answer that fits all, except, God first. I usually try and point them to the Scriptures and get them to think about what God would suggest.

DMA: I’d love to continue this conversation, but we’re out of time. It’s certainly been enlightening. I can’t wait to hear what Shirley thinks. Do you mind if I add you and Amanda to my prayer list?

Prayer List?

PO:  Not at all. I’d certainly appreciate you praying for Amanda, that she can see the need to get more involved in the church.

DMA: Thank you, again, for your time.


Shirley, that interview was certainly an eye-opener. I hope I covered what you wanted me to.

Shirley (SC): Thank you, yes you certainly did. I was concerned he might put on a face that showed him to be more understanding of Amanda than he is. But I think you probably got an accurate picture of his self-centeredness.

DMA: Yes, I can’t help feeling he must be a difficult man to live with. I feel sorry for Amanda trying to live up to his standards and not being able to follow her passion for art.

SC: It is hard for her, and you will see even more of what she goes through if you read the prequel, Who is the Real Amanda? But if you read the next book, Returning to Amanda, you will be delighted to see the way she finds a satisfactory solution, as well as how Owen does a turn-around. It really is a happy-ever-after ending.

Thank you so much for this interview, Dianne.

Interview with Owen

DMA: That’s a pleasure.