Photos from the book launch

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The night of the big launch!

The night before and the morning of the big launch, the family joined together in a first-time-ever work-party. There was much fun, laughter, clowning, and even some hard work.

For me this was one of the highlights of the evening: having almost my entire family around, working together. I missed my daughter and family far away in freezing Kazakhstan but everyone else was there – even the dog! read more

Book Launch with a Difference

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I ended my previous post in this series with the question, “What Is a Book Launch?”
I also asked, “If you were invited to a book launch, what would you expect?”
 A few of you answered, and I’ve also asked a number of other people. The general feeling is that the one thing you have to have at a book launch is a book.
read more

Countdown to Launch

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Up until now, I’ve been giving you the background story as to how the Lord took the germ of an idea and grew it into a book that will soon be available across the globe. I say the Lord. I’m hoping that if you’ve read through this story, you will see, as I have, that this has been no casual procedure. read more

Answer to Prayer? Or Co-incidence?

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Before arriving at the Florida Christian Writers’ Conference, I had selected four possible editors to preview my proposal for Rise and Soar (now called Strength Renewed). I intended to see that one of the four got my manuscript before the start of the conference, and I would make appointments to see the other three during the conference.  read more