Take a Closer Look for Women by Jan Kern

Take a Closer Look

In “Take a Closer Look,” Jan Kern leads you through well-known passages that you thought you knew well, and helps you discover uncommon and unexpected treasures that can make a difference in your life.

Each of the sixty chapters follow the same format. It starts with “The Big Picture” – which gives some background to the passage, and unpacks the story. “Take a Closer Look” gets you to look deeper and see yourself in the situation. In “How Others See It” Ms Kern gives a couple of quotes from other books or commentaries covering the passage. “Zooming In” gives a brief but fascinating glimpse of information that gives fresh understanding to the story, and the final “Through the Eyes of Your Heart” gets you to examine your own life in the light of the passage.

A devotional writer myself, I have to say I have never come across a format that I have enjoyed as much as this book. I wish there were more in this series, especially if they were written by Jan Kern.
Don’t put it off one more minute. Buy this book now, and get a whole fresh look at the Scriptures.