Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby by Ray Hawkins

In 31 daily devotional meditations Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby takes you out of a sentimental nativity scene and into a contest with eternal significance.It walks you through God’s promise in Genesis 3:15 of Someone coming and the clues to His identity in the old Testament. You become aware that in the Christmas event that ‘Someone’ has come. read more

Eve ~ Mother of All

Eve – Mother of All

When we think of Eve, we think of Adam’s partner.

That leads us to the Garden of Eden, and the apple, which of course wasn’t an apple at all.

Yet how much more do we know about Eve? After the apple-that-wasn’t incident? We probably know the pair of them got thrown out of the garden. But what happened then?

Come with me on a journey as we get to know this woman who faced a life we can barely imagine.

Creative Non-fiction

Like the rest of this series, the story is written in creative non-fiction, a genre that deals with facts written in story format. It comprises 34 chapters telling the story behind the very first woman to exist on this planet.

It is not a work of fiction, but in order to bring the story of Eve alive, there are some embellishments to help you relate to the story.

At the end of each chapter, there are a few questions to help you reflect upon what you have read and how it may apply to you.


How to read this book:

1. Read it through as a story, pausing at the reflections as you go.

2. Use it with friends or an established Bible Study group.

The Scripture readings are very short, sometimes only a section of one verse. On a few occasions, you will even have the same reading for consecutive chapters.

The first woman, the first wife, the first mother, the first sinner . . . or was she? 

You’ll need to read the book and see what you think.

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Who sinned first? Eve . . . or Adam?

Now you need to read the book . . .


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Eve – Mother of All is the first in a growing series of books based on women in the Bible that lived under the shadow of some other person, location, or event. 

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Excerpt from Eve ~ Mother of All:

    God’s latest creation stretched, blinked her eyes and squinted at the sheet of blue hovering overhead. “That’s so beautiful!”

“What?” came a voice much deeper than hers. “You mean the sky? It’s always that color.”

The woman’s eyes focused on the face that now appeared above her. “Oh. What…? Who…?”

The figure rose to his feet and stretched out his hand. “Let me help you up. I’m Adam, the first man, created in God’s image.”

“Am I also Adam?”

“No. I’m going to call you Woman, because you were taken out of me. You are bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”

The woman examined the man closely then looked down at her own body. There were similarities, but there were also differences. “Are we both made in God’s image? Or only you?”

“We both are,” Adam assured her. “God said it wasn’t good for me to be alone, and then He made you. He took you out of my side.”

“Whose side did you come from?”

“I didn’t.” Adam shook his head. “God made me out of the dust of the ground. Then He blew air into my lungs and I came alive.”

“And then He created me from you?”

“Not immediately. He first had a job for me to do.”

“What was that?” The woman looked puzzled. “What could be more important than creating me?”

To see how Adam answers, read the book. Available only as an ebook at this stage.

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God in the Unexpected – 7 Day Devotions for those who want to see God in all things

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About God in the Unexpected

Colossians 3:11 tells us that God is “over all and through all and in all.”

It is easy to see Him in the birth of a new baby, the glories of
a magnificent garden, or the joy of a wedding ceremony.

But what of the times when we don’t notice him? The difficult times?
The occasions when we don’t expect Him to show up?

In these seven devotional readings, Shirley Corder encourages you
to look for God in unexpected places.

There are times it's easy to see God at work. Other times? Not so easy. God in the Unexpected tells of 7 places you wouldn't expect to find God. Click To Tweet

Places such as

  •  the technology that has so much influence over our lives today
  •  the dark prisons of life
  •  the cold place of a cancer diagnosis
  •  and more.

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God in the Unexpected is the first in a growing series of 7- day devotional reading books.

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Good Morning, Lord by Sheila Walsh

Good Morning LordThis book can best be summarized by the words on the back cover: “Delightful and insightful, Sheila Walsh shares life-learned trust that says, ‘I don’t know where you’re going today, Lord, but I’m going with you!’

This book contains over 100 morning devotional readings. Each begins with the words, “Good morning, Lord! Today help me to . . . “ The message that follows combines personal anecdotes with Scriptural insight. read more

In All Things – A Compilation of Devotions by Authors of Africa

In All Things


As the very strict lockdown imposed on South Africa was prolonged, I decided to suggest a 13-book project for some of the writers on my Christian Writers of Southern Africa Facebook group.

On the 10th July, eleven authors stepped to one side to work on what was to become an extremely fun, and at times very challenging, project. Over a period of 16 weeks, we tackled and produced a 13-book boxed set of daily devotions, all with a covering theme of Africa. 

See more on the details of this exciting set by clicking here.  read more


What is a kaleidoscope?

Patsy Clairmont describes a kaleidoscope as “a simple tube of mirrors filled with pebbles or beads”. As we hold it up to the light and peer through the pinhole at the end, we see amazing colours and designs we didn’t know existed.

Patsy likens the book of Proverbs to a spiritual kaleidoscope. As we peer at the seemingly random statements that make up this book, Patsy helps us see “God’s wit and wisdom in a whole new light.” read more

Sample Chapters from Devotionals for Women by Vida Li Sik

Sample from Devotionals for Women -31 Days to Deeper Faith by Vida Li Sik

Read, and enjoy!

Vida Li Sik


31 Days to Deeper Faith



Are you deeply rooted in the scriptures? Dig into the Bible by taking a month-long devotional journey to deepen your faith. Find women in the Bible you can learn from by applying the lessons from their lives to your own today. You will have time to reflect, focus your prayers and decide on the practical action to draw you closer to God and to others.


The Bible is full of stories of men of great faith. But it is also brimming with stories of remarkable women. Few are mentioned by name, and only two have had books named after them. They were women just like us; wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, businesswomen or homemakers. They lived by faith, trusting God with the outcome of their actions. We have the benefit of time, more than 2000 years, to see how life turned out for them.

Vida is a woman of God who has devoted herself to the study of these women. She has gleaned lessons from their stories that she has applied to her own life, and graciously shared with others as well. Vida is an excellent example of a woman who is striving to be all that she can be for God. My hope is that as you read the devotionals you will be inspired to be your best for God.   Irene Renton, Women’s Ministry Leader, Johannesburg


Anna – An uncommon faith 

READING: Luke 2:36-38

Take a moment and add 50 years to your current age. Think about what you would look like. Would you still have your own teeth and be able to see? How mobile would you be, where would you be living and what would you be doing? Anna became a widow when very young, after only seven years of marriage. She expressed her faith and love for God in uncommon worship (by living in the temple and worshipping day and night) for the rest of her life.

A modern example for me is Mama K who has lived a long life and was baptised into Christ at the age of 102. She was in the group of 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1956 to protest against the pass laws. She’s lived a long life and has seen many things. Yet, nothing pleases her more than to listen to God’s word and to sing songs of praise. That is truly an uncommon life. And then, there is you. There is no-one else like you. You are one-of-a-kind, an original. Your unique life experiences, strengths and weaknesses make you uncommon. Genesis 1:27 says you were made in the image of God. He is an uncommon God who:

Wants to have a relationship with what he has created.

Chose an uncommon way to reconcile us to him. He sent his only son, to die a horrible death for those who lived as his enemies.

Chose forgiveness over retribution, mercy rather than punishment and love rather than hate.

Made salvation and grace freely available to all. You don’t need to earn it.


REFLECTION: Do you believe God has chosen you to live an uncommon life? (Ephesians 5:1-2) Do you live for him rather than yourself and with passion and purpose instead of “going with the flow”? Will you show patience instead of anger, a smile instead of a frown, a word of encouragement instead of criticism? Will you bite your tongue and not say something negative, continue to care instead of withdrawing when others hurt you, set an example every day even if your reward will only come in the next life?

PRAYER FOCUS: Thank God for making you exactly the way you are.

ACTION: Take time to thank the “uncommon” women who have helped shape who you are.


A Mary-heart in a Martha-world

READING: LUKE 10:38-42

Two sisters, and two very different approaches to Jesus. With which one do you most identify?

Jesus didn’t say there was anything wrong with what Martha did. She chose to do it. Maybe she was a perfectionist striving to make sure everything was “just right”.

It is okay to ask for help, but maybe she wanted validation (“You’re doing a great job, Martha, thank you for serving, we appreciate it”). The problem was that she “was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.” Then she complained. Very often, we do the same. We focus so much on what we need to do that we forget what we really need. Even our Bible study and prayer can become something to tick off the list.

In our Martha-world, is your phone the first thing you grab when you wake up?

We get so caught up with our to-do list for the day. Then we get busy and think “maybe, if I have time left over, I’ll spend time with God.” The result? Just like Martha, we get overwhelmed and then complain.

By contrast, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to and learning from him. Finding the right balance in our lives seems elusive, but maybe we’ve got our priorities all wrong.


REFLECTION: What are the worries and things that upset and stop you from “choosing what is better?” Do you offer to serve, then complain about it?

PRAYER FOCUS: Commit everything you need to do to God before you start your day. Ask God to help you serve from a position of strength, on your knees at Jesus’ feet.

ACTION: What are some practical ways to help us to “listen at the Lord’s feet” throughout the day?

Move on: Get Devotionals for Women by Vida Li Sik here

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