God’s Majesty and Mystery in Africa – Book Launching Soon

Majesty & Mystery

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And here’s the final cover!

Are you interested in discovering the most amazing things about Africa? Often touted as the Dark Continent, some people believe that Africa is a poor and backward land. Yet, contrary to what you often read or hear, Africa is a source of extraordinary bio-diversity. It is also home to the most ravishing landscapes and majesty known to mankind.

90 Days in the Land of Majesty & Mystery

This book offers an inspirational insight into all the amazing things God has created in Africa. It includes an enduring vision of her diverse landscapes, culture, people, majesty, wildlife and more.

In this passionate narrative, author Shirley Corder reveals the breathtaking part of Africa the media never shows you. She will provide you with fresh and insightful perspective on the creativity of God in the continent.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover within the pages of this book:

  • 90 chapters depicting some of the awe-inspiring diversities in Africa
  • The exciting panoramas, majestic mountains, beautiful wildlife and mysteries of Africa
  • Hidden discoveries you’ve never heard about
  • The unique Hand of God in everything in Africa
  • The real African experience the rest of the world doesn’t know
  • An opportunity to draw close to the God who brought this majesty and mystery all together
  • And much more…

If you want to know the real Africa beyond the extreme images and hunger narratives often portrayed in the media, then God in Africa is the book for you. Through its pages you will also draw close to the Creator of the continent and all its majesty and mystery.

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Majesty & Mystery


Paperback version will be launched on 28th September at a Launch Party.

Venue: REACH Church, Brighton Road, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth.

Kindle version will be launched on 2nd October – pre-order will be available  shortly.

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Can be seen on her Amazon Author Page


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  1. Shirl,
    Great post! I shared the link on my timeline. One small thing jumped at me: you used the phrase “ravishing landscapes” twice. I’d have preferred having a different adjective in one place or the other. You know me – the eternal editor. (blush)

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