To Fear the Dawn ~ by Sean Young

To Fear the Dawn premise

Nicholas Gallagher, a self-made billionaire, unwittingly crosses a group of dangerous financiers. He soon learns they will stop at nothing to prevent his interference.

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To Fear the Dawn commences with a gripping scene designed to ensure you will not put the book down for a while. A surprise hits you when the next chapter opens and you meet the protagonist, Nicholas Gallagher. He was not the man in the first chapter.

Unknowingly, Nicholas is thrown into a world of deception, danger and lies. Within a few hours he goes from being a billionaire to a wanted murderer with his bank accounts frozen.

Unlikely Help Offered

In To Fear the Dawn, help appears from an unusual source. A priest with a sinister past steps forward with advice. Some of the resources he has to offer do not tie in with his priestly role. Can Nicholas actually trust this man, or should he take what he has to offer and run?

Ultimately, he is forced into a treacherous journey to far-reaching parts of the world as he seeks to save not only himself. His family and indeed all humanity faces a mass destruction of unbelievable proportions.

“If you like political intrigue, conspiracy in the halls of power and a sizzling plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, then you’ll love Sean Young’s powerful portrayal of a world on the verge of cataclysm.”

If you like political intrigue, conspiracy in the halls of power and a sizzling plot you need to read Sean Young's novel, To Fear the Dawn. Share on X

Over to You:

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Sean Young blends his life-long love of novels with a strong Christian world-view to produce gripping thrillers anchored in a Biblical core. A thirst for adventure, and deep personal faith create his unique brand of action-packed page turners that make the reader’s pulse race, while quietly shining the good news of the gospel and remaining free of profanity and offensive sexual scenes that have become so prevalent in modern fiction.

His first novel was a seven hundred page Historical Suspense Thriller, that took three years to write. This was first published first in the USA, and then in Europe where it was translated into Spanish.

Violent Sands is available in paperback format here.

Sean lives with his wife and two children in Surrey, England. To Fear the Dawn is available for kindle here.

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  1. I enjoy a number of “Amish” novels, which are a popular subset of Christian literature in the United States. The plots tend to be quite realistic, full of trials for the main characters (which end up strengthening their faith) and you learn about the Amish. The authors tend to be either people who grew up in the Amish culture, or married into it- a culture that many in the United States are interested in knowing more about.

  2. Thanks for the review, Shirley. Haven’t read anything from this genre before, but do think it would be worth the effort to check this one out. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your recommendation, Sue.I’ll look into Toni’s books. I love Sean’s writing. Violent Sands is actually a fictional novel based on Barabbas.

  4. I have to admit Shirley I haven’t read any Christian books but this one looks like something I would enjoy. I do enjoy a thriller so will check this one out. Thanks for the review. You might also enjoy a series of books my school friend Toni Pike has written based on old religious orders. You can find her at and I would recommend them all. #blogsharelearn
    Have a lovely day Shirley xx

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