What on Earth is Happening?

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We are living in one of the most exciting periods of this world’s history. Time, as we know it, is rapidly drawing to a close as the COMING OF THE LORD draws near.

All over the world people are aware that something is happening. This is the age of fulfilment of Biblical prophecy and, for the discerning believer, our local newspapers bear testimony to that fact daily.

As historical events unfold THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES are evident for all who will see. The Lord Jesus Christ put it this way: “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” – Luke 21:28. “What on Earth is Happening?” takes a brief and concise look at modern events in the light of Biblical prophecy.

What on Earth is Happening?

I have just finished reading the book, What On Earth Is Happening? by Dr. Val Waldeck. It was going to be a hard sell to me, as I am not all that stressed about what Jesus has on His timetable. I’m more concerned that I know where I’m going, whether it’s via the rapture, the second coming, or my own death.

Lest you misunderstand, it’s not that I’m not excited and thrilled by the thought of being with Jesus. I just feel overjoyed that it isn’t up to me to figure out all the details. He’ll come when He’s ready. The important thing is that I will be ready—plus those I’m in contact with.

But then politics!

Having said all that, I was busy reading the book when the world was rocked by Great Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The global impact of their decision has been amazing, and I was suddenly tackling the book with a fresh burst of enthusiasm.

Then we had the election of the new president to the USA, Mr Donald Trump. I enjoyed his screen show, Apprentice, but as president of probably the most influential country in the world? I didn’t enjoy the run-up to his election. But then things back home in South Africa were far from stable, and our own politics seemed as rocky as the US. What on earth was happening?

This book is doctrinally sound, well written, and a fascinating read when we look at current events. You will enjoy this book even if, like me, you are not usually into eschatology.

What on earth is happening?

Jesus IS coming again. Of that I have no doubt.

And Val shows us just how close we may be to that glorious time. Well done Val Waldeck!