An Eighteen-year-old Novel ~ With a New Slant

This week’s question

on the blogging challenge, Welcome to My World, is What does the word WATER make you think of?

My immediate thought was how I take my glass of fresh water next to the bed each night for granted. I should know better.

As a South African, the word WATER means many things.  Our country revolves around the topic. read more

Welcome to My World (W2MW)! – A Place to Make Friends

As part of the Welcome to My World challenge, I’m answering the question of the week below:

Q  What do you see as you look out your window today?

A  I see a stunning sunny day with a blue blue sky and no clouds. My study window looks down a narrow back lane in our retirement village, but the sun and the clear sky brighten the picture. 

Background to Welcome to My World (WMW)

Thanks to COVID we have all been isolated to one degree or another. We have little opportunity to visit or be visited. I have family living on three continents and have no idea when I’ll see them again, and I’m not alone. Many times, we are not even able to visit family and friends in the same town. Never have I been so grateful for my online community. At times, I crave company, and it is wonderful for me that I never need to feel alone. There is always someone, somewhere, sometime, awake and available to chat to. It may just be a sentence or two, but it banishes that “I’m alone in this world” feeling. read more