What’s So Hard About a Hard Launch?

Recently, we had a look at the Soft Launch and how it helped the release of a new book. We saw it described as a secret launch that is whispered to selected readers. They are then asked to write early reviews for the book, so that when we come to the Hard Launch, there are some reviews up on Amazon and Goodreads so that prospective buyers can see what the book is like and how people responded to it.

So if the soft launch is a secret. What is a hard launch?

    • hard launch is the formal official launch of the book that has already been read by some readers.
    • It involves formal announcements, garnering attention from the media and potential customers.
    • It can be likened to a grand store opening, with fun and special posts encouraging readers to “taste and see”.
    • It is an opportunity to flood social media with insight and encourage readers to give it a try.
    • There are no longer any secrets. The cover has been revealed. The characters spoken about. Sneak peaks of the story have slipped out. It’s time to go, and the public is fully aware of the launch.

The term hard launch sounds scary and intimidating, but it really is not. It’s just a more forceful term for the old “Launch Day” or “Release Day.”

Who is the Real Amanda? – my prequel and the second book of the Aloevale Series – is heading for its hard launch soon. The soft launch is already whispering its news in the background.

hard launchThe hard launch is actually a very exciting time for the book,

and of course, its author. Here’s what we can expect and how you can get involved:

Anticipation and Buzz:

  • A hard launch generates anticipation among readers. It’s akin to waiting for the curtain to rise on an eagerly awaited play.
  • The buildup creates a sense of excitement—readers wonder what awaits them within the pages.

Unveiling the Mystery:

  • Just like unwrapping a gift, a hard launch reveals the mystery concealed within the book.
  • Readers get to explore new characters, intricate plots, and unexpected twists.

Author’s Journey:

  • For the author, a hard launch marks the culmination of months or years of hard work.
  • It’s a moment of triumph, sharing their creation with the world.

Reader Engagement in a Hard Launch

  • It is great if readers actively participate by purchasing, reviewing, and discussing the book.
  • Your enthusiasm will fuel the excitement, encouraging others to look at the book as well.

Media Spotlight:

  • A hard launch may attract attention from bloggers, and other influencers.
  • Are you a blogger? Would you be interested in participating in an interview, review, and or other feature, please give me a shout out.

Launch Events:

  • Book signings, readings, and launch parties add to the excitement.
  • We recently held a cover-reveal party on the Africa Book Safari, where six of us with ties to Africa launched our cover reveals, prior to our approaching hard reviews.

First Reviews:

  • The initial reviews during a hard launch are like opening a treasure chest.
  • Positive feedback validates the author’s efforts and encourages more readers to dive in.

Social Media Frenzy:

  • Hashtags, tweets, Instagram posts—help the author increase the buzz and chatter about the book.
  • As you share your excitement, so more people will head for the online bookstore!

The Unknown Adventure:

  • Every book is an adventure waiting to be embarked upon.
  • A hard launch is not the end of the journey. It only signals the start. It is an invitation to explore uncharted territories.

So, whether you’re an author or a reader,

a hard launch is a thrilling moment—a literary rocket soaring into the hearts and minds of those who seek stories.  Today, you can still order Who is the Real Amanda on pre-order at a ridiculously low price. As soon as you see the book appear, see if you can be part of the soft launch and send in an honest review.

Remember, as from the hard launch date, that price will go up, so get it while you can!