Honor Bound by Hallee Bridgeman

The Story of Honor Bound

Honor Bound is a clean, suspenseful story packed with action from the first sentence. We have men of the green beret led by Cpt. Rick Norton. He is following orders to rescue the Vice President’s daughter, Dr. Cynthia Myers, from the jungles of Africa. The first problem we hit is that she is in grave danger. Enter Cpt Rick to the rescue. Second problem? She refuses to be rescued.

The two main characters are not impressed with one another. Cynthia despises war, weapons, and violence, and does not believe she is honor bound to obey her father. Cpt Rick on the other hand believes he is honor bound to obey the next in line to the presidency of the USA.

As the story develops we see a gradual shift in the relationship. However, the author keeps us guessing until almost the end of the book. Is there any way this relationship can work out?

This is the stuff that leads to sleepless nights! Well done Hallee Bridgeman! This is the first I have read of her books, but the first of three in a row. I loved the action.

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