If it Ain’t Read, it’s Dead! So who did I write this for?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Does anyone read what I write?”

I have. Often. Yet, I continue to write.

So I decided to explore the problem. I realized that no one is going to read what I’ve written, if they don’t know about it.

And it’s true.

If it’s not read – it may as well be dead!

But I’m not ready for my new book, God in Africa ~ 90 Days in the Land of Majesty & Mystery, to die! So I set out on a journey of exploration. What was I doing wrong? What was I failing to do?

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Interview with Shirley Corder at the Africa Book Safari

Shirley Corder is interviewed by the Safari Guide at the commencement of the Africa Book Safari. Don't miss this! Click To Tweet

Shirley on the Africa Book Safari

During the month of October, a group of Christian authors who either live in Africa or are rooted in this amazing continent, are teaming up for an exciting adventure. Read all about it here. Click To Tweet

Shirley: We’re going on an Africa Book Safari! Together, we will discover some of the rich, diverse colors and nuances of Africa through stories, devotions, and memoirs, all set in Africa. What’s more, because we are writers, we would like to invite you all to come along with us!

For free!

Meet our Safari Guide

Shirley: We will be traveling together in a blog hop through a number of blog posts featuring fiction and non-fiction books, all centered in Africa. Our Safari Guide will be interviewing each of us, and we invite you to listen in as we chat about ourselves and our books.  You will find the interviews on the author’s own sites, and we will post links to one another’s interviews.

Shirley Corder writing

So come along and join in the fun! And here comes our guide who will be taking us on our safari.

Safari Guide: Hi! I believe you are Shirley Corder, is that correct?

Shirley: It sure is. And you, I presume, are going to be our Tour Leader for this great time. What should we call you?

Safari Guide: You can call me Mr. Africa!

Are you all comfortable? Please buckle up your seat-belts. Starting today, I plan to show you all different angles to this continent.

Shirley up front in the landrover

Shirley, it’s your turn to sit up front with me. Everyone, let’s go discover Africa!

As our large safari landrover moves away from the buildings and
heads into the wilds of Africa, Mr. Africa swings in his seat to face me.

Africa Book Safari - Shirley Corder


About Shirley

Safari Guide / Mr. Africa: So, Shirley, tell me a bit about yourself. Have you always lived in Africa?

Shirley: No, I was born in Scotland, then when I was four-years-old, I moved with my parents to Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe. That was my first taste of Africa. When I reached my late teens, I traveled to Cape Town, in South Africa, where I met the young man who later became my husband. So I’ve lived most of my life on the continent.

Mr. Africa: And what family do you have?

Shirley: I have an adult daughter and two sons, plus two lovely daughters and a son-in-law. I also have six grandchildren, two per couple. They were all born in Africa, although several of them now live out of the country.

Mr. Africa: Shirley, did you always want to be a writer? Or what prompted you to start writing?

Shirley: No, I never intended to write professionally. I always wanted to be a nurse, a dream which was fulfilled when I went to study nursing at the age of 18 in Cape Town. However, I was very involved in the church, and whenever they needed a play, I wrote one. It didn’t strike me as anything unusual. It’s just what I did!

In 1997, I was struck down with aggressive cancer, and during that time, I received a clear call from God to write for Him. That was the start of my writing career.

Type of writing

Mr. Africa: What genre do you write in, and why?

Shirley: I have written seven novels, just for fun, but then I knew the Lord wanted me to write specifically about His Word and what He was doing in and around my life. So I now write Inspirational Non-fiction.

Mr. Africa: What book are you going to be sharing with us during this safari? Tell us a little about it. What inspired this particular story or topic?

Shirley: I’m going to be telling you about God in Africa – 90 Days in the Land of Majesty & Mystery. Although not the country of my birth, I have a deep love for this land and all the amazing things God has created in this continent. My book includes many fascinating insights into the land’s diverse landscapes, culture, people, majesty, wildlife and more.

Mr. Africa: Shirley, it sounds exciting, and I’m looking forward to reading it myself. You obviously have a deep love for this land. What in particular makes Africa so special for you?

Shirley: I think, the incredible variety and excitement. I especially love the wildlife and the wide spectrum of colors, as seen in the sky and the countryside. It’s just a beautiful, fascinating, continent.

Elephants ahead!

Mr. Africa: Okay, everyone. Ahead of us, you’ll see a large water hole where the elephants have come out for their daily drink and bath.  As we park and watch them, I’ll hand out some refreshments, and perhaps one of the other authors can join me in the front.

Shirley, which do you prefer? Coffee or tea? Sweet or savory?

Shirley: I’d like bush tea please, or some of our other visitors may know it as Rooibos tea. And I’m definitely a savory kinda girl. Is that biltong I see in your stash of snacks? That I would love.  Thank you so much.

Mr. Safari: Sure, biltong is a bit like the American jerky, but I think it’s much tastier. Hand the basket around and everyone can have some.


Here are the others participating in the safari. Please, everyone, stay in the vehicle and visitors, feel free to visit us.

Join in the African Book Safari Weekend taking place from Friday 25 – Monday 28 on Facebook!

During the blog hop, you will meet Greg Mackinnon, Ashley Winter, Lisa Harris, Anna Jensen,  Marion Ueckermann, Dianne J. Wilson, Val Waldeck, Harry Kraus, and Lynnette Bonner.

Shirley: VISITORS, don’t forget to come back here tomorrow and I’ll tell you where to go next!

N.B. There will be a few giveaways scattered throughout the interview pages so make sure you visit this site each day and leave a comment!

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Bites, Bandages, and a Book Launch!


With the book launch of God in Africa around the corner, I went to visit my brother in East London (about five hours along the beautiful coastline of South Africa) for a few days to celebrate his 60th birthday.


There is a small step down from the bedroom where we were sleeping to a landing with the bathroom on the left and a short steep staircase on the right. One night, I made my way to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning and, being a considerate kinda gal, I used the light on my cellphone so I wouldn’t disturb my husband.

As I took the step down, the light went out. I stumbled, fell onto the balustrade, and started a headlong bounce down the stairs towards the wall. Praise the Lord, He caught me! I managed to hook the rail with my left arm and took my weight on my right arm (on the carpeted step.)

After an ungainly slither (or something) back up to the landing, I took stock. Nothing broken. Just a flap of skin ripped from my arm in what turned out to be a carpet-burn. Cutting a long story short, and despite prompt if irregular, first aid, that wound duly went septic. Hence the bandage.

BITES 1, 2 & 3

Then came the bites. We had a beautiful day visiting part of The Wild Coast, an area Rob and I had never been to.

Only after we were home in PE, I discovered an itchy bite which when I investigated was actually huge, inflamed, and had a black center. Not nice. It looked like a tick bite, and I had a book launch a week away! I made an appointment to see my doctor the next day. By that time two more had developed.

Again, to make an ugly, long story short, despite huge doses of penicillin all three went septic and nasty and so I had dressings on them all. I’m currently on my second course of penicillin and gradually starting to heal.


Despite satan’s best efforts to thwart it, not to mention all the bandages (mostly hidden from view) the launch of God in Africa went off fabulously. I had a great team of folk helping, and it was really a lovely afternoon. I sold nearly eighty books and I’ve sold one or two every day since.  Here is an overview of how the afternoon worked out.

Book Launch of God in Africa


Click here to see the program for the afternoon, and you should be able to work out what was what and who was who.

All in all a super time, and a successful book launch – despite all the bandages and bites!

Read more about God in Africa here. Both paperback and ebook are available on Amazon and I have paperbacks to sell for those in Africa.

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Right now, the ebook is on special – only $0.99 in the US (check your own currency) but the price goes up early next week. So don’t delay!

[/stextbox]  Get your copy here.


Much more in the next post, but this is a heads-up. During the days from October 25-28 a group of eleven authors living in, or connected to, Africa will be going on an Africa Book Safari. Want to learn more? Watch the video and come along with us. We already have over 300 people signed up to join us. Lots of giveaways, special offers, a vast selection of genres.

I’m telling you—it is going to be so exciting!

What excites you most about Africa? Or about this book?

Please share in the comments below.



God in Africa – 90 Days in the Land of Majesty & Mystery

God in Africa: 90 Days in the Land of Majesty and Mystery

God in Africa – 90 days in the Land of Majesty and Mystery had its official launch on the 28th September, 2019.

The Happy Echoes choir entertained the crowd by singing a number of comedy songs about African Animals.

A guest artist sang a beautiful song, The Rain in Africa, with a PowerPoint presentation in the background, and the choir closed off that section with God Bless Africa.

Instead of the traditional author reading an excerpt from the book, I read the relevant chapters that tied in with the comic songs. A fun afternoon.

Learning about Africa

I have learned so much about Africa in the research I’ve done for writing this book.

  • Did you know, for example, that the African animal kingdom has a Mafia?
  • And that we have an insect that has its own built-in GPS system?
  • Do you know what the Crown of Africa is?
  • And what animal walks with its right legs together, then its left? But when it runs, it switches to a gallop using its front legs together, then its back?
  • And which animal is believed to never forgive?

Oh, we do live on a wonderful continent! All the answers are in the book!

Both Kindle version and paperback are available from Amazon, and the paperback is also available directly from me, or from Loots in S.Africa.

Lessons from Africa ~ Coming soon


When you think of the land of Africa, do you think of the fantastic wild animals? Or the beautiful mountains and floral kingdoms? How about the cultures? The strange habits of some tribes? Did you know there are over 3,000 different ethnic groups in the continent, who speak in more than 2,100 different languages. It just doesn’t seem possible. read more

God In Africa – 90 Days in the Land of Majesty and Mystery

[stextbox id=’black’]To stop the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in South Africa, a National lock-down is currently in place. For more see: National Covid-19 website[/stextbox]

About God in Africa

How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalms 104:24

There is nowhere quite like Africa

“Africa is more a feeling than anything else. Once you’ve gone—and you get the feeling—you understand . . . In short, it’s a life-changing place to visit. It changes you, for the better[1]

From its immense grasslands to its modern cities teeming with people, Africa is a continent of extremes. With its breathtaking landscapes of mountains and valleys, deserts and forests, mighty seas, beautiful beaches, and dense jungles, it is truly a magical and exciting land. And God is in this land.

More about God in Africa

In this book, I will show you a little of how much God is IN Africa. He is evident in the life of the colossal elephant, the upside down tree of the Kalahari, and the tiny chameleon clinging to a branch of a thorn tree in the desert, and so much more.


During the pages of this book, I will give you glimpses of this land which I call home. You will see God at work in this continent of majesty and beauty, and how the many topics can relate to you and your relationship with God.

What is the purpose of God in Africa?

It is my hope that over the next ninety days, as we bounce around the continent, you will learn about Africa: the countries, the people, and some of the amazing creatures and facts of this vast and fascinating land. I trust that you will see God’s hand in each of the scenarios.

God is evident in the life of the colossal elephant, the upside-down tree of the Kalahari, and the tiny chameleon clinging to a branch of a thorn tree in the desert.

God is evident in the life of the colossal elephant, the upside-down tree of the Kalahari, and the tiny chameleon clinging to a branch of a thorn tree in the desert. Click To Tweet

UPDATE: Get your copy of the book, either a paperback or an e-reader here:

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[1] Keon Robertson, former U.S. Marine and wildlife photographer and writer: