Two Ambitious Prayers

This entry is part 3 of the series Story Behind the Book

In 2009, I sensed the Lord calling me to write a book of meditations for those in the cancer valley. I gave it the working title of Rise and Soar, based on Isaiah 40:31, Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up on wings as eagles.

A couple of months later, I was approached to take on the post of Night Sister (RN in charge) in a large Frail Care center.

I agreed to take on the work only after being certain that I would be able to continue with my writing when my patients were asleep. I needed the money, I loved nursing, and I enjoyed night duty. But . . . Rise and Soar was my priority.

Fortunately, it looked as if I could have both.

Some months before, I had started to pray that 

  • somehow the Lord would make it possible for me to attend another Christian Writers’ Conference in the USA. I couldn’t see any other way of making contact with an overseas publisher. Thanks to the world-wide economic crisis, any type of travel was out of the question on our budget. There was certainly no way I could pay for world travel.
  • I prayed the Lord would show me which conference I was to attend.
  • I prayed He would supply the means, not only for the conference itself, but also to cover the cost of getting there.
  • And I prayed He would provide in such a way there was no question the finances were for a conference.

In other words, I prayed for a series of miracles.

Now I added another prayer:

  • that I would be able to get the necessary leave to attend the conference when God opened the many doors. I knew He was going to get me to a conference. I just didn’t know how. And I didn’t know how my new employers would react if it was too soon.

A few nights later, before I had even signed the contract for my new job, I received a totally unexpected email.

I was about to go to bed, when I checked my email one more time. There was an email from Cec Murphey in the States, offering to finance a trip to attend one of two conferences. The one was way too soon. The other was the Florida Christian Writers’ Conference in Leesburg, Florida.

Wow! This was indeed a miracle beyond anything I could have imagined. But the conference was in February. I would only have been working for five months. Surely I wouldn’t be able to get leave so soon? I phoned the Matron of the Frail Care unit. She didn’t hesitate. Certainly, I could have the leave. She even agreed that I could have a week off before and after, so that I would be able to get over my night-duty hours before the conference—and over the jet-lag after the conference.

Nearly four weeks leave—on full pay—after only five months of work. Surely this had to be of the Lord?

With a sense of awe, I accepted Cec’s offer, and I signed the contract with the Frail Care.

Both prayers were answered within a few days of each other! From that moment, I knew that the Florida conference was part of God’s plan for Rise and Soar.

  • I expanded my prayers to include a request that the Lord would bring to the conference the representative of the publishing house He wanted to publish the book. Almost every day, I started to watch the conference website to see which publishers would be represented.

And I started night duty.


Dreams of a Book

This entry is part 2 of the series Story Behind the Book

Several years after my cancer treatment, I was riding on my exercise bicycle with a book on writing perched on the handlebars. The author asked a question that prompted me to think. It went something like this: “If you were only going to get one book published in your life, what would that be?” I stopped reading, and although I continued to pedal, I prayed. What one book would be the most important for me to write? read more