Christian Writers of Southern Africa

On 10th. March 2004, a new cyber baby was born: CWG S.Africa. On 15th May 2011, the name was changed to Christian Writers of South Africa (CWOSA for short – pronounced QUO, as in quota, – zuh).

Click to join CWOSA As South African writers we have many problems and challenges unique to us, hence the need for a group such as this. For more information, email Shirley.

CWOSA’s goal

To be a source of support, information, online fellowship, encouragement, and learning. We started with four writers but soon started to grow. We were over 80 members when we decided to stop using emails and get our own Facebook page.  This is a private group and can only be read by members.

CWOSA foundation members

Some of CWOSA’s first members:

many of whom are still with us today.

Val (top left) and Sean (2nd from the right at the top) both now live in England.

Linda (1st left, 2nd row) is now in New Zealand.

Lisa (in the red top next to the logo) is my co-moderator and now lives in Mozambique.

Ruth (black top, 4th row down) now lives in Ireland.

Gerald (centre top row) and Micky (a.k.a. Father Christmas – centre 2nd row) are sadly no longer with us, but are rejoicing in the Lord’s presence. (I wonder if they’ve got a writers’ group going in Heaven?)

As an online group we

* share our writing joys and frustrations
* tell one another about our successes and rejections
* ask questions and share opinions
* set goals and report back how we’ve done
* sometimes discuss TOTWs (Topics of the Week)
* once wrote a hilarious novel by tossing the writing ball back and forward. No self-respecting editor would ever look at it, but it was fun!
* contributed devotions to the Winners at Work devotional book in 2008/2009 and again in 2012.


As a group, we have some good times of learning and sharing. Best of all is the encouragement we receive from one another.

We have shared in the excitement as people have grown in their writing. Members have submitted where they haven’t before. Some new writers have had articles accepted for publication, and many books have been published. A new opportunity has arisen since the start of the group and a number of e-Books have been published. One of our members, Lisa Harris (co-moderator) won the coveted Christy Award in 2014 and has been runner-up a few times.

If you are a Christian writer, or even a “wannabe” writer, and live in Southern Africa, we’d love you to join us. Perhaps you are from overseas, and you want to publish in South Africa. You’ll find there are many differences. In fact, do you know how to spell and punctuate the South African way? Come and join us and we’ll put you in touch with the right people. This group is also open to South Africans living abroad, and oh yes! Most important. There’s no charge for membership.

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