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Question of the Week

The question to answer in the Welcome To My World challenge for this week is:
What is your favourite type of scenery?”

I have to toss up between mountains and the sea. I have never grown tired of the journey into Cape Town from my home in Port Elizabeth. Within a few miles of P.E., the drive along the high-speed national road, (the N2) takes you past incredible mountain scenery. As you draw closer to the mother city, the mountains of the Western Cape tower on either side, the peaks often snow-covered for some time even after winter. They never cease to take my breath away. How mighty and wonderful is our God.

But then I have a passion for the sea. Not in it. Or on it. But looking at it. Looking over it. Wondering what is over there, on the other side. I love how, here in P.E., the mighty waves may crash on the shore, often leaving the beach denuded of sand. Then, a few weeks later, the tide seems to repent and returns the sand to cover the pebbles once more. Where does the sand go in the meantime? If I were a children’s writer, that’s a book I’d like to tackle.

The sea fascinates me with its ability to change from a tranquil massive body of water, gently lapping onto soft white sand, to a raging, angry, grey scene threatening all onlookers to keep their distance.

And that brings me to the topic of today’s blog.

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