Where Do You Need Peace? Find Peace in Life’s Storms

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Question of the Week

The question to answer in the Welcome To My World challenge for this week is:
What is your favourite type of scenery?”

I have to toss up between mountains and the sea. I have never grown tired of the journey into Cape Town from my home in Port Elizabeth. Within a few miles of P.E., the drive along the high-speed national road, (the N2) takes you past incredible mountain scenery. As you draw closer to the mother city, the mountains of the Western Cape tower on either side, the peaks often snow-covered for some time even after winter. They never cease to take my breath away. How mighty and wonderful is our God.

But then I have a passion for the sea. Not in it. Or on it. But looking at it. Looking over it. Wondering what is over there, on the other side. I love how, here in P.E., the mighty waves may crash on the shore, often leaving the beach denuded of sand. Then, a few weeks later, the tide seems to repent and returns the sand to cover the pebbles once more. Where does the sand go in the meantime? If I were a children’s writer, that’s a book I’d like to tackle.

The sea fascinates me with its ability to change from a tranquil massive body of water, gently lapping onto soft white sand, to a raging, angry, grey scene threatening all onlookers to keep their distance.

And that brings me to the topic of today’s blog.

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Steps of Faith – Spending Time with Author Crystal Warren

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It’s Friday again!

Time to interview one of the authors of our beautiful boxed set, In All Things. This is a 13-book boxed set of devotional writings, with each book covering seven days of devotions, and based in Africa. Every one of these books has a totally different theme, each chosen by the authors, and yet wow! They all gel together so beautifully. So today, I’m going to be chatting to Crystal Warren, author of the book, Steps of Faith – Seven Journeys.

Crystal lives in a small town which has actually earned its right to be called a city called Makhanda, recently renamed from the old name of Grahamstown. This is a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. One must travel an hour and a half to Port Elizabeth or two hours to East London. The part of that which excites me the most is the distance from Port Elizabeth – my hometown! So she’s a fairly near neighbor! We have worked together on NaNoWriMo a number of times, acting as twin MLs on two occasions.

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Inspired to Worship – Getting to know Ann Goodfellow

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Interview with Ann, author of Inspired to Worship

So it’s Friday once again. How quickly they come round! Today we’re chatting to another of the authors published in In All Things, a 3-month boxed set of daily devotional readings, all linked to Africa. Each small book of seven devotions is written by an author who was either born in Africa or was born elsewhere but has lived in Africa for some time. So we all share the theme – Out of Africa! Today, I’d like to introduce you to Ann Goodfellow. read more

What God Wants – Ashley Winter

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It’s Friday Again!

Once again, I am interviewing one of the authors from our beautiful boxed set, In All Things. Today, I’m chatting to Ashley Winter, an author who was born and brought up in South Africa, but today lives in Wales. She wrote a 7-day book covering seven desires of God’s Heart.

Interview with Ashley:

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Meet Shirley Corder, Author of 7 African Animals

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7 African Animals Author Interview

Over the next three months, I’m going to be looking at the authors who compiled the thirteen one-week books that make up the boxed set, In All Things ~ 13 Weeks of Devotions from Africa. I plan to interview all the authors and give you some insight into the background to their books, the motivation behind the themes they chose, and their general experiences of the project. 

I’m starting with the first book in the box. This happens to be my own, 7 African Animals, and what they teach us about God. Because this is my book, I obviously won’t do this in the form of an interview, but I’ll try to cover the same issues.

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13 Books on Preorder, the Launch Party, In All Things!

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Updated since the launch party!

Last post I shared with you how ten authors of Christian Writers of Southern Africa, (CWOSA), took up my challenge to create a boxed set of 13  devotional books. Here’s some news about our amazing launch!

I now have very exciting news to share! ‘In All Things – 13 devotions from Africa’ reached #1 on Amazon in the New Releases: Spiritual Devotions category. What an exciting moment to see our boxed set boasting its little orange ribbon.

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In All Things – Exciting Boxed Set from Africa

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Challenges, both good and bad, of lockdown 

I’m sure you all could list many examples of the challenges of lockdown. I think this is one of the first times in living memory where the world has been united!

Every country seems to also be facing other challenges, like race riots, demonstrations, acts of violence, looting, and crimes against women and children. Some countries have started to recover, only to be slammed by a second wave of COVID-19 as their level of precautions eases.

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God in the Unexpected – 7 Day Devotions for those who want to see God in all things

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[stextbox id=’black’]To stop the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in South Africa, a National lock-down is currently in place. For more see: National Covid-19 website[/stextbox]

About God in the Unexpected

Colossians 3:11 tells us that God is “over all and through all and in all.”

It is easy to see Him in the birth of a new baby, the glories of
a magnificent garden, or the joy of a wedding ceremony.

But what of the times when we don’t notice him? The difficult times?
The occasions when we don’t expect Him to show up?

In these seven devotional readings, Shirley Corder encourages you
to look for God in unexpected places.

There are times it's easy to see God at work. Other times? Not so easy. God in the Unexpected tells of 7 places you wouldn't expect to find God. Click To Tweet

Places such as

  •  the technology that has so much influence over our lives today
  •  the dark prisons of life
  •  the cold place of a cancer diagnosis
  •  and more.

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