Who Am I? God’s Schedule by Deryn van der Tang

Quick Summary:

I enjoyed this book immensely. For some days, it became part of my daily quiet time with the Lord. I appreciated this slow meander through Psalm 139, and the way Ms van der Tang illustrated each little step with personal anecdotes and stories.

Personal Messages for Me

I constantly found myself reacting with an “Oh yes! I understand that!” where she described issues familiar to me. I was especially blessed with her take on verse 16, “You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe.”

Oh wow! All those things that went wrong? The planned events which either didn’t happen or didn’t work out the way I had visualised?

What of the times I messed up, and behaved or spoke in a way that I wish had never happened? Those were all part of God’s schedule for my life?

God’s Schedule

This psalm reminded me over and over again that God not only has a plan for my life, He had one before I was born! How exciting and how encouraging!

Thank you to the author for writing this little book. And thank you for dedicating it to the brave men and women in the frontline of our fight against Covid, as well as to my very dear friend, Marion Ueckermann, who lost her battle with Covid just a few months ago.

Much though many of us were shattered by her sudden demise, she would have been the first to agree. Every one of her days on this planet was scheduled before she was even born. And the days had run out.

It was time for her to go home to be with the Lord she loved so much. The same Lord that this psalm is all about.

More About the Author and One Other Book

You can read more about the author, Deryn ven der Tang here.

Another book written in the same vein, but centered on her experiences in the beautiful land of Africa is Sunrise to Sunset.

God’s Schedule for You

If you’re looking for a short book to use in your daily quiet times, I heartily recommend you purchase this one. As you work through Psalm 139 verse by verse, keep looking for God’s schedule for your life. You’ll be sure to find it.

Click on this link to purchase this book in either paperback or Kindle format.

2 comments on “Who Am I? God’s Schedule by Deryn van der Tang

  1. Thank you Shirley for this lovely review. I do pray it has the same thoughtful responses to the messy things that happen in our lives for your readers. In many ways it helped me to come to terms with the ‘untimely’ death of Marion, as God’s schedule for her life was not ours. Her legacy of love for our Saviour lives on through her books.

    • Oops! Sorry it’s taken so long for me to acknowledge this. Life has been somewhat crazy here – even crazier than usual!
      Yes, Marion’s death knocked a lot of us sideways. I still miss her so much. We were on Whatsapp together virtually every day.
      As you say, the beauty of being a Christian author is the legacy we leave behind. She will truly never be forgotten!

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