Some Old Facebook Friends

3D-Women FB

In recent years I have seen a huge increase in elderly people getting online, joining Social Media groups such Facebook and Pinterest. A local retirement village opened a small computer club about two years ago, with two computers, half a dozen eager learners, and no Internet connection. Within two years, this group has grown to over 20. They have two qualified Computer Boffs who come from the local university to tutor them and sort out their problems. They have eight computers, and a permanent connection to the Internet. read more

Making Twitter Friends



Now that you have your Twitter account created, it’s time to find some followers.

I don’t like the name followers, so let’s call them friends. But remember, Twitter calls them followers. It’s not a weird cultish thing.

“Followers” is just Twitter’s name for “friends” in FaceBook, and “contacts” in your email programme.

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Writing Blogs and Websites Worth Checking Out.

Christian Writers –, the Ultimate Community for Christian Writers.

Write Life Workshops is a website run by Tracy Crump and Marylane Wade Koch, authors of numerous Chicken Soup stories. Sign up for their helpful newsletter which, in addition to articles by leading writers, also often contains call-outs to anthologies looking for stories. Carry on reading for many more useful sites.

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