Sample Scenes from Returning to Amanda

Here is a sample of the first scene of the book, and then skipping to the first scene of Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 Sample

Mandy Douglas clicked her safety belt closed and stared out the window of the plane. Her throat started to close in panic. How could she just leave her children? What sort of mother was she anyway? And Owen? Sure, last night’s blow-up had brought things to a head, but what sort of wife ups and leaves her husband at the first sign of problems? Okay, maybe not the first sign. But still. Shouldn’t she have tried harder to sort things out?

She glanced at her watch. If she got off the plane now and raced back to the airport, she could call another Uber and be home in time for supper. She often gave thanks to the Lord for positioning the manse on the corner of two streets, and for providing them with a small side gate out of sight of her interfering neighbor across the road. At least Mrs. Cartwright wouldn’t have been able to warn Owen that his wife had caught an Uber away from home. Of course, if she went back now, she’d have to come up with a story to explain her initial absence, but the family need never know how close they had come to losing their wife and mother.

They haven’t lost you. You’re coming back.

“Oh, be quiet!” she muttered at the voice that had plagued her in recent months, as she fumbled to release her seatbelt buckle.

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