A Quilt for Christmas ~ by Melody Carlson

The Story of A Quilt for Christmas

Vera Swanson looks forward to a lonely Christmas. A new widow who has recently relocated, she knows no one, not even her next door neighbors. Then little Freda Albright erupts into her life in a state of panic. Her mother is desperately ill and the young girl has no idea what to do.

As Vera steps in to do what she can, she gets swept into the lives of the young Albright children. In a rash moment, she agrees to help create the sick mother a quilt as a surprise Christmas gift. She knows, however, that this is not something she can do alone. And so she ends up drawing together a motley bunch of helpers who make for an entertaining read, as well as a beautiful quilt. The result is a very different Christmas to anything Vera had anticipated, and a number of new friends.

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