Happy Hump Day!

Okay, so suddenly I spotted term, happy hump day all over Facebook, and I’m wondering,

“What on earth is Hump Day?”

So I jumped onto my friend, Google.

Seems it is nothing to do with this hump:

hump day


But everything to do with this one:


So why is today been given this name?

And is it an annual function?

Nope. It comes round every week, on Wednesdays. That is regarded as the midpoint of a normal working week, and as such it’s the toughest day of the week. After Wednesday, in theory, you’re over the hump and on your way to the weekend!

The expression evidently came into being in the 1950’s, but in September, 2013, it became popular when an insurance company developed a talking camel called Caleb. Today, it is a common expression evidently in offices and companies, and often used on social media. I checked on Twitter, and to my surprise, the term is not trending! So how about we make it trend? Click on the window below.

Happy Hump Day everyone! Learn more about this and watch the short amusing clip which made the term famous. Please RT this. Share on X

Do enjoy seeing Caleb in action. It’s a very short clip, but it’s fun!!

Who would ever have thunk it?

So – Happy Hump Day everyone!