God in Africa – 90 Days in the Land of Majesty & Mystery

Launch Time Approaching

Time is flying past now. God in Africa – 90 days in the Land of Majesty and Mystery has its official launch on the 28th September. If you happen to live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, you are very welcome to join us at the celebration!

We’re looking forward to a great afternoon. The Happy Echoes choir will be singing four comedy songs about African Animals. Our favorite song being, “I’m a G-nu!” My hubby, Rob, is doing the speaking part, and I am accompanying the song on the choir. So we have been doing a fair amount of practicing. We aren’t the only ones to love this song, Coco, our Cockatiel loves it, and whistles a good portion of it, combined with a couple of other tunes he knows, which makes for a different sort of medley!

We have a guest artist singing a beautiful song, The Rain in Africa, with a PowerPoint presentation in the background, and the choir will close off that section with “God Bless Africa”.

Instead of the traditional author reading an excerpt from the book, I will be reading the relevant chapters that tie in with the comic songs. So that should be fun.

Learning about Africa

I have learned so much about Africa in the research I’ve done for writing this book.

  • Did you know, for example, that the African animal kingdom has a Mafia?
  • And that we have an insect that has his own built-in GPS system?
  • Do you know what the Crown of Africa is?
  • And what animal walks with its right legs together, then its left? But when it runs, it switches to a gallop using its front legs together, then its back?
  • And which animal is believed to never forgive?

Oh, we do live in a wonderful continent!

We will end the afternoon off with a scrumptious tea, during which I will do a book signing.

Two weeks ago, I decided I needed a small e-book to give away as part of an online campaign, so I wrote a 7-day devotional book over the space of a week. But then, I liked it so much, I decided to put it into print and have it as a giveaway for the launch as well as future speaking arrangements. So in the middle of all the other pre-launch craziness, I faced another book – small though it is. There was still quite a bit of work involved.

Book #1, God in Africa, is in the final stages of printing. I was so delighted with the proof copy. It turned out so well.

Book #2, God in the Unexpected, is now with the printer in Cape Town. We are off to visit my brother and sister-in-law tomorrow (Sunday) to celebrate his 60th birthday. So the printer will courier the proof copy to me in East London and I will then approve it from there.

The Kindle version of God in Africa will be released on Amazon on 1st October, but is available now on pre-order for US$ 0.99. (This may be slightly more outside of the States so confirm before ordering.) It will go up immediately after the launch, so if you’re planning on buying it,  make sure you order it now before the end of the month.

We have an exciting Social Media adventure coming up during October, so watch this space! Ten authors associated with Africa will be teaming up to present a book each based on Africa. There will be devotional books, memoirs, novels, fiction and non-fiction. It is in the process of coming together so I should be able to tell you more in a few days via my newsletter. So if you’re not yet receiving these, please don’t lose out. Click on the green button on the right that says “Keep in Touch” for more details.

Have a wonderful September! Bless you all!

When you think of Africa, what intrigues you the most? What do you hope to read about in God in Africa? Please leave your answer in the comment section below.

God In Africa – About the book

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God in Africa About the book

NOTE: This is NOT the cover! Cover Reveal coming soon on Facebook.

How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Psalms 104:24

There is nowhere quite like Africa

“Africa is more a feeling than anything else. Once you’ve gone—and you get the feeling—you understand . . . In short, it’s a life-changing place to visit. It changes you, for the better[1]

From its immense grasslands to its modern cities teeming with people, Africa is a continent of extremes. With its breathtaking landscapes of mountains and valleys, deserts and forests, mighty seas, beautiful beaches, and dense jungles, it is truly a magical and exciting land. And God is in this land. read more

South Africa – About the Country

South Africa is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country, twice the size of Texas or equal to France and Spain combined.


The southern coast of the continent boasts the picturesque beauty of the Garden Route, and the fascination of the small Western Cape towns. The eastern subtropical coast of northern KwaZulu-Natal is like a different country. The vast Karoo semi-desert bears a vast contrasts with the lush magnificence of the Drakensberg mountains. Perhaps the biggest drawcard of all of course is the world renowned Kruger National Park.

Visitors are often surprised by South Africa’s excellent infrastructure, which draws favourable comparison with countries across the world. Yet South Africa is an enigma. Years after the birth of The New South Africa, the people of the so-called “rainbow nation” still struggle to find their identity.