What Does my Character Really Want? – or Me? or You?

Question for the Week

Welcome To My World this week asks, What question would be good to ask yourself—or if you’re a fiction writer, your characters?

In my Quiet Time every morning, I read from a number of devotional books. One of those in my current reading list is In All Things, the boxed set eleven of us South African Christian writers published during lockdown, and which is now available as a paperback. I am currently reading this through for the second time (apart from many reads-through during the editing process) and am amazed how I continue to receive blessings with each chapter.

I have just been reading Ashley Winters’ book, What God Wants – Seven Desires of God’s Heart. In her introduction, Ashley has this to say:

“When I write fictional characters, the question I continually ask myself is, ‘What do they want?'”

And that’s my answer. Read on ….

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