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eagle 2In 1997, I sat, dumbfounded, in front of a radiologist as he uttered what seemed like a death sentence. “You have cancer.” I had heard those words often before – but never addressed to me.

As a registered nurse (RN), I had been present when patients received this diagnosis. As a minister’s wife, I came alongside members of the congregation when they heard the dreadful news. I thought I understood what they were going through. The day the news was directed at me, I realised I had no idea.

The year that followed was what people glibly call, “A learning curve”. I certainly did learn, much of it through my mistakes. But it was no curve. Not unless you call a rollercoaster a curve. Each time I improved and thought, I can do this, I seemed to reach the top of the loop and start a downward slide. When I felt as if I’d reached the bottom, that I couldn’t go on, I would suddenly find myself rising back up.

I longed for a friend who survived the path I was now on and could speak to me from personal experience, and reading material that offered me knowledge, and encouragement. That’s the purpose of these pages. I would like to be your friend. I want to give you words of encouragement and inspiration. I will share things that worked for me as well as those I wish I’d known. I’ll tell you what I learned during and after my year of treatment, and offer devotions to help you through the dark times. 

This is not meant to be a medical site. You can find just about anything you want in that line thanks to Google. The purpose of this site is to build you up emotionally, and encourage you. Select the category relevant to you from the menu above, then choose which articles you wish to read first.

When I was going through treatment, I often spent time at a nearby botanical garden, watching a pair of verreaux eagles. How I wished I too could spread my wings and soar over the cancer wilderness I found myself in.

That is why this website is entitled, Rise and Soar. That’s what the eagle would do. He would spread his wings, and launch out from the cliff. So prepare to spread your wings, friend. Together, we can do this. Join me? Let’s rise and soar . . .

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