Share Your World ~ June 5

This entry is part 2 of the series Share Your World

Here are my answers to this week’s questions on the Share Your World (SYW) blogging challenge:

SYW: What’s your strongest sense?

My family would say my strongest sense is my sense of smell. I could walk into the house after a day on duty and stop in the doorway and say, “Who struck a match?” This was in the day when the boys tried to push their luck with cigarettes. They had no chance with me around, much to their frustration. (I think they’re grateful today.)

I will be sitting at my computer at the end of my cottage and call through to my husband who is IN THE KITCHEN, “What’s burning?” Traditional answer is, “Nothing . . . Oh.” My heart sinks. Most of his senses are sharp, but he has about a 2% sense of smell. read more