Facts or Fiction? Post 4 in the Pro-Blogger Challenge. #writebravely

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Hello again all you wonderful bloggers!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. So a special welcome to the other members of my sub-tribe. Hi guys!  This is the 4th post in this challenge.

We’re working through the alphabet as we look at ways to build a better blog. Today we come to F for

Facts or Fiction

Here is a less than commonly known fact: Tweet it if you will.

Blogs can be fact OR fiction. Just make sure your reader knows which. #writetribeproblogger #writebravely Click To Tweet

Here is a list of tips or suggestions. You won’t be able (or want) to use them all, but maybe one or two will spark a flame of creativity in you!

First, we’ll look at the more common type of blog: the one based on FACTS, in other words, non-fiction.

  • Write on a Nonfiction Topic and the Facts you use will increase your Authority.

    This applies to individual posts, or to dedicated blogs. I have a blog dedicated to encouraging and inspiring those going through the cancer valley. It is called Rise and Soar, and all the posts are on some aspect of cancer. How am I qualified to do this? I am a cancer survivor (20 years but who’s counting?). I am also a retired Registered Nurse (RN). And I’m a pastor’s wife. (Also retired – not as his wife, but Rob has retired from full-time ministry. Although at times I wonder, he does so much preaching at away churches I expect our own minister to welcome him as a visitor!)  Yet because I blog on the topic, I am amazed at the variety of questions I am asked. read more