It Can’t Be Nearly Over?

This entry is part 15 of the series Florida 2010

March 7 Well I did of course . . . sleep in that is. Just as well I’d almost finished my packing before falling into bed.

I had just leaped out the bed when there was a furious banging on my door. Yvonne and Cheryl had come round to make sure I was up. I did another race through the bathroom and makeup regime and arrived at the dining room in time to snatch a quick breakfast before heading for my appointment.

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Busy, Busy, Busy!

This entry is part 14 of the series Florida 2010

March 6 Did I mention the alarm clock in my room didn’t work? And my cellphone is dead and can’t be recharged in America? Ahh well . . . the inevitable happened. I woke up as breakfast was starting at the main centre. Crazy rush. In and out the shower, clothes on, makeup on with one hand and shoes on with the other. Brush through my hair as I ran out the door, grabbing my folder and keys on the way. And yes, I made the end of breakfast.

FCWC pier8:30 – 10:45 During Lauren’s branding class I had to slip out twice for appointments, one with an agent and one with an editor. The editor wants to see one proposal, the agent wants to see both. I’m notching up plenty homework for when I get back to S.Africa as these all need to be reformatted to meet their requirements. read more

Hugs Galore

This entry is part 11 of the series Florida 2010
At supper time, I saw Cec Murphey, the amazing sponsor of my trip to the Florida conference, and his assistant, Twila Belk, at the next table and went to greet him.
Cec greeted me with a warm hug. How wonderful to meet him in person after all the years we’ve been in touch through writers’ groups on the Internet. (Left to right: Yvonne, Cec and myself.)

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The Rush Begins

This entry is part 12 of the series Florida 2010

March 4: The day started with a rush that never eased up.

8:30 The most amazing thing happened before the working day had even begun. I was sitting at breakfast with a group of other writers, when a tall slender lady came over to me. We all have name tags hanging around our necks. Most give the name and the state where the writer is from. Mine says “Shirley Corder – South Africa.”
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Lake Yale at Last

This entry is part 10 of the series Florida 2010

3rd March contd: 5 p.m. FCWC_More treesLake Yale Conference centre is beautiful. It reminds me of Resthaven, a conference centre we used to frequent in Rhodesia many years ago, with buildings scattered amongst the trees.

The meeting places are luxurious and well-equipped with a beautiful auditorium. The centre is on the border of a huge lake which I hope to get closer to today – although you have to watch out for the alligators!

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A Long Night

This entry is part 8 of the series Florida 2010

20:30 I’m finally on the plane waiting to take off for Atlanta.

Our youngest, David, and daughter-in-law Pam came over for lunch with the two kiddies. It was so wonderful to see Timmy (6) and Sammy (4) – who jumped into my arms, thrilled to see me. We had a fabulous afternoon sitting outside at the swimming pool.

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The Adventure Begins – in the worst possible way

This entry is part 6 of the series Florida 2010

27 Feb – 8 a.m. Why does everyone keep asking if I’m excited? There’s too much to do, too much to think about. Excitement will come later.

11 a.m. Shattering phone call from Marion Ueckermann who’s supposed to be coming with me. She’s sitting in the emergency section of the hospital. She’s broken her wrist. Oh man. She insists she’s still coming, but I doubt it.
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Moving Swiftly On . . .

This entry is part 7 of the series Florida 2010

Between the last post and the 27th of February (Blast-Off Day) much has happened which you really don’t want to read about! However here are a few comments.

I went back to work as a nursing sister (RN) and loved it. I did four months of full-time night-duty. The work was fine but unfortunately I couldn’t sleep during the day. My circadian rhythm (a.k.a. body clock) got into a real mess and didn’t want me to sleep day or night. Not good. read more

Organised Chaos

This entry is part 5 of the series Florida 2010

Life is nothing if not interesting. My first couple of nights back in the work place proved wonderful I’m blessed to have this job. I work a 12- hour shift but have plenty free time during the night. Instead of knitting or reading in between rounds, I take my laptop and write. There’s no on-line distractions, only around 60 patients/residents in the Frail Care section. And they mostly sleep—unlike the Internet. read more