A is for Africa

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Welcome to the beautiful land of Africa, home to some 1.111 billion people of every colour skin known to man. Since the age of four, this continent, the second largest land mass on our globe, has been my home. I … read more

B is for Baboon

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A few years ago, we were driving through a mountain pass in the beautiful Western Cape in South Africa. Suddenly my husband had to stomp on the brake as a baboon family scampered across the road. read more

C is for Crown of Africa

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“Look out the window, Shirley,” my mother urged. “See that mountain? It’s Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Even at my skeptical age of 12, I caught my breath. Rising serenely through the carpet of clouds on the left of our plane, was a … read more


Poverty in Africa is a huge problem. Years ago, the Barbers’ Union of Chicago picked out a filthy hobo and gave him a complete makeover. They cleaned him, dressed him in new clothes, and called him a “new man”. read more

D is for Dung Beetle

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About 75 kms (47 miles) from my home in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is the magnificent Addo Elephant National Park. The third largest national park in South Africa, it is home to the big five as well as a large … read more

E is for Eagle

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Happy Easter everyone! The traditional greeting is, “Christ has risen!” And you reply, “He is risen indeed!” It seems ideal that today I planned to share with you about the eagle, as of all the creatures on God’s planet, he is … read more

F is for Fire and Fynbos

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This post was written in April 2015, but is very relevant to our situation today, as the country of South Africa reels from the tremendous aftermath of massive fires along the Garden Route. Tourists travel from all over the world … read more

G is for Giraffe

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My husband and I were driving slowly along a road in the Kruger National Park, watching for animals. I lifted a pair of binoculars to study the distant terrain. Suddenly two out-of-focus poles shot past my window. “What was that?” … read more

H is for Heart Transplant

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No series of posts based Out of Africa would be complete without a visit to the beautiful Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. This hospital is situated on the slopes of Devil’s Peak, a small mountain adjacent to Table Mountain,  part … read more

I is for Inspiration

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Today is going to be a different sort of post. Who amongst us does not at some time need inspiration? So I thought today we’d look at some of the places and events we won’t be majoring on during this … read more