Screen out those Problems

A monitor is an essential part of our lives, but it needs to be used with care. Used incorrectly, the monitor can be responsible for a number of severe health problems. I another post, we look at how to position the monitor for the safest and most efficient use. Today I have some more points for you. read more

Screen Shots

We can’t use a computer without a monitor. That’s obvious. What’s not so commonly known is the number of health hazards that can develop if we don’t use them correctly. Today we’re going to take a look at the position of your monitor. read more

How to Sit at the Computer

There are right ways and wrong ways to sit at your computer. Sitting for long hours in the wrong position can severely affect your health in the future. Today we look at some guidelines to a healthy position when sitting at the keyboard. read more

8 More Ways to Combat Fatigue

In another post, I gave you seven suggestions to combat that awful afternoon slump. For those of you doing NaNoWriMo, the cut-off time is approaching faster than you’d like, so these next few suggestions may just help you make it. read more

H2 . . . oh!

As writers, we spend long hours in front of our computer screens, concentrating on our words, and we often neglect our bodies. We think our dry mouths and pounding hearts are as a result of the thrilling words we’re turning out. Yet it’s just possible we’re on the verge of dehydration because we’re not drinking enough. read more

Hand Care

Three years ago, during NaNoWriMo, I started to develop severe wrist pain. I got myself wrist supports, and started to alternate between my desktop computer and my laptop. These emergency measures did help—but the real answer for me lay in getting an ergonomic keyboard. read more

Eye Care

As writers, our eyes are probably the most precious commodity we own. Yet we often fail to look after them. So here are a few hints for all writers or others who spend long periods of time in front of the computer: read more