Why the Bumble Bee Can’t Fly

When Igor Sikorsky was 12, his parents told him that competent authorities had already proved human flight impossible. Yet we know him to day as the man who designed and flew the world’s first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft, and the first mass produced helicopter.

He designed and flew the world’s first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft. In his American plant, Sikorsky posted this sign:

“According to recognized aero technical tests, the bumblebee cannot fly because of the shape and weight of his body in relation to the total wing area. The bumblebee doesn’t know this, so he goes ahead and flies anyway.”

What do you long to do, but “people” are telling you it’s impossible? Are you sure? Have you really tried?

Are you a writer but you don’t believe you will ever be published? Have you tried? 140 times? That’s what some authors have done before success came to them.

Remember the bumble bee – and go out there and learn to fly!

So we ask the question? What did they know?

Sikorsky’s critiques were right. It IS impossible for the bumblebee to fly — by our man-made and understood standards. Are you making decisions based on man-made and understood standards? Or are you asking God what He wants you to do?

Tip of the Week: If you have a passion you believe God put it there, don’t even listen to those people out there who say you can’t do it. Go get yourself the things you need–and get to work.