One or 365? That is the question

Out of the Shadow Series

So far in the series, we’ve drawn three lesser-known ladies out of the shadow that hovers over them, and see them for what they really were: real live flesh-and-blood women.

We looked at Naomi out of the shadow of Ruth; Eve out of the shadow of the Garden of Eden; Miriam out of the shadow of the baby in the bulrushes; and out of the shadow of her brother, Moses.

Many have asked me, “What next?”

I guess that should rather say, “Who next?”

I am torn between doing another in the series, or taking a detour to publish a book of 365 devotions based on lesser-known Biblical women.

I could do the devotional book in two possible formats.

  • Write all 365 devotions then publishing them in one book. This will obviously take longer.
  • Publish 91 devotions per volume, until there are 365 in total, then assembling them into a boxed set. This will be quicker to produce.

I have already drafted many of these, so all going well, the 365 would be out by less than halfway through the year, whichever way I do them.

Some of the women I would cover are: Hagar, Jael, Leah, Shiprah, Tabitha, Salome, and many others.

So my question for you is, “What next?”

I’d love your input. Thank you.

I do hope to do both options, it is just a question of which one first. In other words, “What’s next?”

Please check off the box you would prefer.

14 comments on “One or 365? That is the question

  1. I’m going with the year round devotional for the lesser known women. Reading about all you’re doing, got me excited about putting together a book for year around meditation.
    Several years ago, my friend and I put together a Lenten Devotional for private circulation. It was a great exercise in creativity.
    All the best, Shirley. God bless.

  2. I’m afraid I’m not very conversant with the Bible so am not able to tell you what I’d prefer. But it’s amazing how in all mythology women are kind of ‘ignored’ though they are instrumental in driving the story forward.
    I’d say do whatever works for you ! Good luck with the project

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