To the Whole World

Today I commenced leading a series of workshops on my online group for S.A.Christian writers, entitled “Writing Devotions”. When I was preparing the material, it struck me what an amazing privilege it is to write devotions for small magazines that travel all over the world.

For example, The Upper Room’s market is massive. Literally millions of people read these devotions which are translated into 40 different languages and published in 76 countries as well as online and sent out via email. Another publication has a world-wide readership of over 150,000 and prints editions in regular print, large print, and Braille. How many Sundays would a preacher have to preach in different locations before he reached that number of people? How many authors publish and sell 150,000 copies of their book? Okay, I know there are some, but how many?

Some devotional markets even accept several articles from a writer for the same edition if they’re timely and relevant. So you get to send out three or four messages to the world within a few days of each other. Now that’s what I call world-wide evangelism and discipleship!

One of the markets we’re going to be looking at is a weekly devotional message on an online blog for writers and readers. Although this is not a print market, there’s no limit to how many people may ready these inspirational messages. Folk are also encouraged to tweet the link to the message on to their friends.

The Lord said we were to be “witnesses . . . to the remotest part of the earth”*. Thanks to modern technology, this is now possible. And one of the most effective ways of doing it is through devotional writing. We can be witnesses to lands that we’ve only heard of.


About Shirley

Shirley Corder is an author who writes to inspire and encourage. She has a passion for helping other writers and cancer survivors.