Bible 7Some months ago, I had a phone call from a lady who lives on the other side of South Africa. She had read my article in the Reader’s Digest and gone to great lengths to find my phone number. It was just a letter to the editor; yet it opened doors for me to come alongside a desperate lady trying to cope with her husband’s advanced cancer. I was able to pray with her and give her encouragement. She planned to use the contents of my letter to make a difference in their lives.

When David faced the giant, he tackled the problem with tools he knew. He selected five smooth stones from the riverbed and put them in his pouch. He placed one in his sling. The pebbles were only small, yet the chosen one became a mighty weapon. David wasn’t doing anything unusual. He used his sling frequently to protect his sheep. I’m sure David took careful aim with his sling. He knew it was important that he hit his target.

I read an article in the magazine, and did what I do many times each day. I sent an e-mail. I selected my words with care. I polished the letter until it was the best I could do, taking careful aim at the market. Then I hit “Send”. It wasn’t a novel. It wasn’t even an article. It was just a short e-mail. But it impacted the lives of at least one couple.

Let us choose our words with care, aim at a specific market and then do what we’re used to doing: send them out. The results are in the Lord’s hands.

 ACTION: Resolve today to go and slay giants with your words. And may the Lord bring results.

QUOTE: The pen is mightier than the sword. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Richelieu

“He reached into his bag and took out a stone, which he slung at Goliath. It hit him on the forehead and broke his skull, and Goliath fell face downward on the ground.” 1 Samuel 17:49 GNB