The Popular Vine


It seems ridiculous that the trees approached the vine to reign over them. How could the low, spreading vine rule over the trees? Yet what the vine lacked in height and grandeur it made up for in popularity. The vine produced grapes which were turned into wine. The wine brought joy and a sense of well-being to many people. However the vine was not prepared to give up its popularity for the sake of power.

What is more important to me? Popularity? Power? Or a passion to bring joy?

PRAYER: Lord, it’s nice to be popular, but help me always put your will first.

Judges 9:8, 12-13 (CEV)  Once the trees searched for someone to be king . . .   Next they asked the grape vine, “Will you be our king?” But the grape vine replied, “My wine brings cheer to people and gods. I won’t stop making wine, just to have my branches wave above the other trees.”


About Shirley

Shirley Corder is an author who writes to inspire and encourage. She has a passion for helping other writers and cancer survivors.