Thankful Thursday ~ Week 9

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Week 9 of Thankful Thursday Challenge

Happy Thursday to you all! This last week has been, for me, an incredibly hectic seven days. And yet it has also been a good time.

A couple of times I found myself tempted to grouse about how overloaded I had allowed myself to become. But, thanks to this Thankful Thursday goal of 2018 thank you's by the end of the year, I would stop and ask myself, "What is there that I can say thank you for in this situation?" And each time, I came up with an idea.

So this series of posts is doing ME good, even if it doesn't benefit anyone else. But if the comments being left on each post are to be believed, and I trust they are, others are being encouraged too.

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Once again, I encourage you to start listing the items you have to be thankful about. You'll be amazed. I jot down thankful points on handy post-it notes as the day goes past, and whenever I’m at the computer I update the next week’s post.

Tip for the week:

Pay attention to your headline!

We know how important that is for a novel. But a blog post?

Yes, it is vital that your headline with attract readers.

That is one thing if you're writing an unusual or fascinating article. But how about a series such as this one?
Thankful Thursday~ Week 1 . . . Week 2 . . . . Week 3 . . . Yeah. Really catchy! I looked at this challenge from two points of view. Firstly, those who are interested in the theme may be watching out for the next week. Besides, you don't want them reading Week 3 four times in the week because they don't know what number you're writing.

But in order to give me more scope on my choice of headline, I decided to add a tip for the week. (Well, that's one of the reasons. Another is I like sharing things I've learned!)

So instead of Thankful Thursday ~ Week 9, you have Thankful Thursday ~ Week 9. Write a Catchy Headline. 

If you write in WordPress and have Yoast installed, you have a "simple" headline (in this case, Thankful Thursday ~ Week 9.) But you also have an SEO title which is the longer one. If you don't use WordPress, rather go for the longer title in the first place.

If you have the time, a good place to experiment with headlines is at the #1 Headline Analyser.

Right! I am so excited to share this week's list with you. It is totally a one-track list but I guarantee some of this will take your breath away!

It all began with an invitation to friends yesterday evening to watch a DVD. So

Thank you for . . . 

  1. John and Di's invitation to watch the DVD by Louie Giglio called "Alive!"
  2. another couple, Vernon and Heather who joined us for an evening's fellowship.
  3. the gift of life! How amazing to be alive on this very day in 2018!
  4. that I am a miracle! Okay, so are you, but this is my thank you list! I never realised just how huge a miracle I was until I watched this DVD.
  5. showing me the truth behind this Scripture: 

I thank you for . . .

  1. bringing my mother and father to the same primary school thousands of miles away in Prestwick, Scotland.
  2. them falling in love and getting married.
  3. the one cell that found its way from my dad into my mother's body over 70 years ago.
  4. the one cell of my mom's that joined my dad's. What a miracle!
  5. both of those cells having possessed exactly 23 chromosomes. Not 22 and not 24. 23.
  6. the way those two cells literally became one, giving a total of 46 chromosomes, the exact number needed to create me . . . a new, unique human being. Co-incidence? I don't think so . . . !
  7. the amazing fact that out of all creation, since the creation of the world, I am the first and only one with my DNA.
  8. my unique DNA which is responsible for who I am. For my attributes, my characteristics, my looks, my red hair (that is no longer as red!) my green/brown eyes that change shades with my emotions, for my skin that hates the sun and freckles (gee thanks!), for every single thing that makes me ME.
  9. how my DNA is made up of 3 BILLION characters to make me who I am. (That is 3,000,000,000,000 characters!)
  10. how in my body, right at this moment, there is an estimated 75 TRILLION cells! Want to know how much that is? 75,000 000 000 000 000 000 cells! (1 trillion = 1 followed by 18 zeros!)
  11. the amazing length of DNA in just one of my cells. If it could be stretched out it would be approximately six foot long! In each of the 75,000 000 000 000 000 000 cells!
  12. how, if every strand of DNA could be removed from every one of my 75 trillion cells, the resulting chain would be long enough to go to the moon and back . . . 178,000 times! (Yep! One hundred and seventy-eight thousand lunar return trips!)
  13. the amazing information that every single day and night that I'm alive, 50,000 cells die and are replaced by a new 50,000 every three seconds! No wonder I'm always tired!
  14. for this quote by Augustine

I'm also so grateful that . . .

  1. just 3 weeks after my conception, my DNA signaled it was time to start work on giving me eyes. I'm so grateful!
  2. something in the region of 1,000 000 (one million) optic nerve endings paired up with their 1,000 000 counterparts. Once they were matched up, I had sight—which still works today! However although my eyes were functional—my eye-balls were covered with a skin at that stage.
  3. around six months into my development, a mysterious event occurred which has scientists baffled. Louie Giglio describes it as a microscopic blade that slit the skin covering my eyes horizontally, creating two lids per eye.
  4. the slit was exactly horizontal! How amazing is that? Can you imagine if my eye lids opened vertically? Or at an angle?
  5. next up in my eye creation came eyelashes. Now where I am thankful for my eyelashes (really, Lord, I am!) I would sure have liked them to have been made longer, thicker, and darker! Still, what I have are better than nothing. So thank you for my eyelashes, on both upper and lower lids.
  6. I have sight! Some people don't, Lord, and I am deeply grateful for my good vision.
  7. I have a body, one that works and works well. It could do with more exercise, and probably less calories, but I accept that's my responsibility! It's a functional body that has served me for over seventy years.
  8. it even survived cancer with a poor prognosis. And I have said thank you for that before. But not on this challenge! So thank you for my survival.

More thanks about Sunday evening:

  1. After we'd watched the DVD, the six of us enjoyed a lovely light meal together and chatted about the spiritual input we had just received.
  2. We have been invited back to see part 2 of the video we'd just watched.
  3. First, we're going to watch the DVD, Indescribable! also by Louie Giglo. This is the video that really launched him as the amazing teacher he is. Rob and I have seen it before but our friends, Vernon and Heather, haven't so we're going to watch it again. (YAY!! and thank you John and Di!)
  4. It was so good spending time together with a small group of Christians friends. This is something we lack, so we're truly grateful.

A few other topics in closing:

Thank you that

  1. this afternoon we've been invited to have tea with the senior social worker. It's a celebration for all those in the village who have been living here for over ten years and less than twenty.
  2. we came to this village nearly twelve years ago.
  3. we have a lovely group of neighbors.
  4. our back to back neighbor, Margaret, came home from Sick Bay today.
  5. in our sadly crime-ridden country, we are well protected by the diligent and caring staff of the Echo Foundation.
  6. we have panic buttons in case of an emergency, security or health-wise. (I can't believe I'm saying thank you for panic buttons! But I am!)
  7. our Happy Echo choir is so big now we've had to close the door for further applications. Folk need to join a waiting list!
  8. my sinus headache which has plagued me all morning is now responding to medication.
  9. for Johnson and Johnson who produce Sinutab and that it's available over the counter!

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17 comments on “Thankful Thursday ~ Week 9

  1. Nicely crafted post! It has taken gratitude to another level, and has made us realize that there’s so much to be thankful for! Lovely! Thanks for headline tip

  2. Wow ! I am impressed with your post, and psalm 139 has been my all time favourite, just loved reading about the way our body is created, liked the way you detailed every bit of it. My son had one extra chromosome making him a special child who gave us joy for seven years… the quote by st Augustine is a beautiful one and inspires me always, thanks for connecting with me, and enlightening me about Thankful Thursday.

    • Thanks so much for your visit. I love the way you recognise your special child. I had a friend with a similar little girl and she was so special. Have a great week!

  3. This is amazing Shirley! So many things to be grateful for. Writing it down really helps because it gives us another chance to relive all those small/big wins. And thanks for the tip on headlines 🙂

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