Thankful Thursday Week 22

This entry is part 22 of the series Thankful Thursday

And it’s Thursday again! 

How the year is flying past. My 2018 list is in the 700’s already!

First, here’s our Tip for the Week:

Write dateless content 

And I have to learn this too. I don’t mean it shouldn’t apply to a certain date if that is relevant. Nor do I mean we shouldn’t put a date on our posts. But we need to remember that on the web, our posts last forever. Is what you’re writing about today going to encourage, educate, or motivate the person reading it this time next year? Don’t try to imitate a newspaper with all your facts. There are newspapers and websites that do that. Create something that will always be rich for someone.

Some people feel that for that reason, you shouldn’t date your blog post. That they should be literally date-less. 

What do you think?

Should you date your posts? Leave a note in the comment section. To date, or not to date?

And now, on to this week’s thankful list. As a reminder, my goal is 2018 thanks by the end of the year 2018 Today we commence with number 703!

Thursday into Friday

  1.  Woohoo! 25th May came and went and my websites are still standing! Seriously? I never thought they wouldn’t be. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Google got hit with ridiculous legal suits, but no news so far of smaller companies or websites being affected by the dreaded GDPR!
  2. I finished editing Naomi ~ Beloved Mother-in-law on three platforms on Friday.
  3. Thanks that I have made a couple of minor adjustments to the already published print book in case of a further print run.
  4. Grateful that I’m now ready to start uploading a print format to Amazon KDP for publishing in the States.
  5. And yayyy! I’ve updated the eBook. For any who have already published the eBook, I have expanded the book considerably, especially in the Read and Reflect sections.
    If you would like the updated version, please email me with Request Update in the subject line, and I’ll send you the latest copy. (Stipulate if you want mobi or pdf files.) 
  6. Friday evening – Hit a ridiculous problem with updating the eBook. Normally you just “upload content” and the new version takes over. However, there was ONE BARLEY STALK that I’ve used over and over to separate the story sections from the Read and Reflect sections. This particular stalk insisted on appearing on the left side instead of the center. It may not seem like a big deal, but I believe in doing all things “unto excellence” as it is within my grasp. So it had to be central. After all, if this book is going to be dateless, and I’d like to think it is, the stalk needs to be central, right? Whoever heard of a dateless misaligned barley stalk? I guess I was thankful I knew the problem was there, so I could fix it. Except I couldn’t.

    One stubborn stalk of barley!


  1. Saturday morning, I gave up trying to get the stalk to behave and tried to contact two author friends who have done lots of eBook publishing. Neither of them were available. I was on my own. In retrospect, I am glad as it forced me to push on and venture into areas I’d never been before.
  2. I tried Google searches, and I looked on KDP’s knowledge base for support. Nada! I was happy for those resources, but frustrated when I couldn’t find the help I needed. Surely, I couldn’t be the ONLY one ever to have that problem? I even tried changing the file’s name. Nothing helped.
  3. I was thankful for my small amount of knowledge of html coding, as that helped me finally make sense of what was wrong.
  4. After five hours solid work on Saturday, plus an hour or so the day before, I finally got the eBook up to my satisfaction. YAYY! Thank You Lord! Over six hours just to get a barley stalk to behave! Really?


  1. Sunday, I awoke with a sense of anticipation. I still wasn’t up to going to church after three hypertensive crises within as many weeks, but I felt like getting stuck into Photoshop and working on the cover for the print book. (It needs to be redone as the USA book dimensions are different to my book back here in S.Africa.)
  2. Before getting out of bed, I had a really good time with the Lord. That was great, and it made up for missing church yet again.
  3. I enjoyed reading a chapter of “You Are what you Think” by David Stoop. So far, I’m finding this a really great book.
  4. His challenge of A + B = C struck home to me. So often we talk of the Action or activity that causes the Consequence or feelings. But he points out we’re forgetting about our Belief system. So it’s not the action that causes the problem. It’s what we believe was meant by the action. He uses the example of someone not returning your phone call. You come up with a whole list of reasons (beliefs) why they’re not returning your call. At the end, you feel rejected, unloved, and depressed. But it’s not the unreturned call that’s caused the problem. It’s what you believed. A + B = C! Glad for this nudge. I can relate.
  5. There is a relationship between myself and someone in the family that has caused me much hurt and at times anger. I realized how right the author is, and I’ve figure out how I can handle my family relationship in the future. Here’s to trying, anyway! I’m grateful for the suggestion.
  6. He reminded me of this verse of Scripture:
  1. Thank you for a great mantra! Now to put it into effect.


  1. So happy! I checked my Payoneer account in America to find I had a $100 balance. This is from royalties paid over from Amazon who can no longer pay us direct in S.Africa.
  2. Arranging to transfer the money to my S.African bank went seamlessly. (Yayyy!)
  3. I made a list of folk I think will take over specific roles on Saturday at our upcoming Primetimers meeting. Last month’s meeting I coped fine with a rush of Adrenaline, but that night I ended up  with my ambulance ride! I don’t want to go there again. My BP stil needs pampering. I chatted to the first two and they are happy to help.
  4. Rob and I carted my keyboard down to the hall for Happy Echoes choir practice as our one pianist is scheduled to play keyboard at an upcoming concert. So good to have it back in working order once more.
  5. Rob  had coughed most of the night and he was feeling lousy so when we got back from the hall I packed him off to bed. (No choir for either of us.) So good to be able to take a day in bed to fight incoming colds etc.


  1. One day did the trick. Rob was up and feeling much better.
  2. I started work converting the cover of Naomi for the KDP  print book. That turned out to be not as simple as I’d anticipated.
  3. Eventually, I had to go back to the original Photoshop  files and start rebuilding the cover from scratch to fit the new dimensions.
  4. I went to the opticians to fetch my new glasses. They are so light they feel fragile. I’m anxious. They must last a few years this time! I only wear them for reading and computer work, but the result is they get left all over the place. I’m always hunting for them.
  5. They came with a two-year insurance cover which is great.
  6. I see I can also change the frame within the first seven days. I can’t figure out how that would work, but it is tempting as these feel really frail, and they weren’t cheap.
  7.  It’s nice to have a crystal clear view of the screen though!
  8. Not a terribly productive day, thanks to having to fetch the glasses as well as an unexpected visitor who was in no hurry to leave. Still, it was good to just relax and socialize. I don’t do enough of that.
  9. Rob spent the night in the lounge on the settee so he could sleep sitting up and not cough so much. So grateful for furniture that reclines a bit when required.
  10. He had a better night and by default, so did I! 


  1. I got back into the cover on Photoshop using a template I’d downloaded and this time I started to make headway. Thank you for people who spend time developing templates!
  2. Thank you for Photoshop. Even though I use an old version (CS3) it really is amazing software.
  3. At last! By the end of the day, I had a completed cover. I’ve left it overnight but hope to upload it to Amazon’s KDP on Thursday.
  4. I will then do one final check on the uploaded files. (I hope! How many final checks have I done during Naomi’s lifetime?) And then send it on its way to the printers. Scary stuff! Especially as I cannot afford to get a proof copy to check it. I have to have faith that it will turn out okay.
  5. It was Wicky Wacky Day at the local Steers, so guess what we had for supper? the yummiest, juiciest beef hamburgers oozing with sauces and pickles. Wicked. But oh so good. Two for the price of one, so economical too.
  6. We walked to the shopping center and did a small amount of shopping. This is the third day I’ve felt quite human again. At last, my body seems to be accepting the medication.
  7. It’s ten days now since my last BP spike. Oh, thank You Lord. Please let that have been my last one. Now comes the challenge of going slow. As those of you who know me personally understand, I am not a “go slow” kind of gal!
  8. And that’s it for another week. I’m happy to report this has been a good week. Not fantastically productive, but uneventful and quite a bit to show for it. 

Thanks for following me in my ramblings. Just a reminder. I have challenged myself to recording online 2018 thankful points by the end of 2018. Despite a few setbacks, I’m on schedule. If any of you have thankful posts you’d like to share, please leave a link at the end of the post and visit one another. I’ll visit your blog as soon as I spot the link.

Have a wonderful, splendorous week full of thankfulness,  and I look forward to seeing you here again next Thursday!

17 comments on “Thankful Thursday Week 22

  1. Hi Shirley! I’ve missed you but glad you are ok. Love your three choices of areas in an apartment and those cards are beautiful. I probably would swap your craft room for a home gym/yoga room

    Good job!
    Thank you for sharing

  2. I think posts should be dated for a few reasons:
    – possible copyright concerns, particularly if you are an author
    – your opinions, ideas, attitudes may change (even slightly) but dated material can show a progression of your thought
    – if your words are ‘universally’ applicable, the date you first shared them shouldn’t invalidate the content (and could possibly demonstrate your genius or being ‘ahead of your time’ if they become more universally acknowledged).

    just some thoughts…

    • Thanks Corinne. I have HAD to keep working on it . . . and it’s like GDPR. Every time I think I’m reaching the end of the tunnel, I find another tunnel! I agree with the dating issue too.

    • Guess what? Never mind the barley stalk, I’m having to do the whole set of images over. Thanks KDP! Note to self (and anyone else going this way.) Read ALL the instructions before you even begin to format the book or create the images! Grrrr.

    • Thanks, Nabanita. These last few weeks have been tough, but you know what? When you are committed to writing a post like this each week, it forces you to search for what you’re grateful for, and surprise, surprise, things aren’t as bad as they could have been! There’s always something to say thank you for! Have a great weekend! The three I’s to beware of

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