Thankful Thursday Week 21

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Happy Thursday everyone!

Little did I know a week ago how the next seven days would be consumed by one tiresome and frustrating issue. I’m sure a number of you know what I’m talking about, but I’m getting ahead of myself. In every negative situation there are some positive things we can say thanks for, right? At times this week, I have found this a challenge!

More later   . . .

First of all, here is the latest Tip of the Week:

Make your content actionable

There are several ways to do this.

  • After you’ve made your point in your post, suggest to your readers an action they can take to re-enforce what you’ve just said.
  • Suggest ways they can best use what you have told them.
  • Always include a deliberate call to action somewhere in the post.
  • Most folk do this at the end, but there would be no harm in including it elsewhere in the post too.
  • Your blog post is not about YOU, it should be about your readers. How best can they benefit from what you’ve just told them? Help them benefit from what you’ve shared, even if it’s a personal post (as this one is.)

And now, on to this week’s thankful list. As a reminder, my goal is 2018 thanks by the end of the year 2018.

  1. Last week, I ended up looking forward to preparing for my book launch. Little did I know. Very little got done in that area. Thank you Lord that I still have that to look forward to!
  2. I’m also very grateful I set the date for the end of July! If it was closer, I’d be in a panic by now!
  3. So what happened to my leisurely week of launch preparation? Two things. First, another Blood Pressure crisis. On Wednesday evening, after my last post was scheduled to publish the next day, I had another high spike right out the blue. I admit to facing panic as I thought I was en route to the hospital again. A friend phoned in the middle of it to find out how I was, and she sent out a prayer request to the church. Thank you Lord for praying friends! Within minutes we saw them in action.
  4. Just below 200/100, the point at which I was going to hit the panic button for the second time within a few days, my BP turned a teeny bit. So I waited it out and sure enough it clambered down until it was almost normal. SO grateful!
  5. Thankful for a responsive doctor who saw me the next morning and said, “This cannot go on!” and put me on yet another medication. You don’t have to shake me to get me to rattle. It happens spontaneously when I walk!
  6. I’m also happy that he’s given me an “emergency drug” that I can take in the event of another spike to hopefully avert a repeat crisis.
  7. So far it hasn’t been needed. Another thanks! But it’s good to know it’s there and if it goes flying up again I can at least take action before calling for help!
  8. Grateful to report that my BP has slowly stabilized, and today is the third day (so far) with a totally normal blood pressure. How good is that?


  1. I said there were two things that wrecked my plans for the week. The second was GDPR! Need I say more? That in itself was enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure! If you’re a blogger or own a website, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! (And if you don’t, better find out real fast. Today is your last day to become GDPR Compliant.) In the beginning I was ignoring all the “stuff” that was coming into my inbox about this foreign topic. Then I decided to read one mail. I am so GLAD I DID! Time to take action!
  2. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a simplified definition of GDPR. So glad to have many explanations as to what the words actually MEAN!
  3. Sounds easy enough, right? Not! It’s been a nightmare, trying to get my two websites to be GDPR compliant. So grateful for all the helps there are floating around.
  4. On the other hand, it would be great if they all said the same thing! I’ve been basically working with three other writer friends, two in South Africa, and one in the USA. So pleased to have support from them. Somehow it was good that none of us knew what we were doing! So we shared information and ideas as we went along.
  5. Two days ago, one of our South African newspapers showed the front page headline: “No one understands new regulation of data”! It goes on to say, “The law is staggeringly complex.” And they expect us simple mortals to make sense of it? The strange thing is it’s sort of comforting to know there are a lot of brilliant people battling with this! So glad it’s not just us three!
  6. I am thankful for the Facebook group, MailChimp and GDPR, which has been so helpful in the process.
  7. Thank you to Robin Adams who is steering the ship and is full of advice.
  8. I intend joining his group, “MailChimp Answers” – the biggest support group for MailChimp users on Facebook, just as soon as I’ve survived the GDPR nightmare. I was thrilled to learn about this group. MailChimp is the email marketing system I belong to, and it will be so helpful to have folk to bounce off ideas and get advice from in the future.
  9. Thankful I now have a privacy policy for this website.
  10. Also thankful for a similar privacy policy on my other website, Rise and Soar.
  11. I was relieved and pleased to finally sort out a cookies policy. Oh brother, was that complicated? Hopefully mine is adequate. You can read it here, and if you don’t think it’s sufficient, please tell me in the comment section. (Be nice!)
  12. Part of the exercise involved sending specially-worded emails to all those in the EU that were on my mailing list, explaining the situation and asking them to reconsent to the emails and to each of the things you had on offer. You can see my final email here, and by all means sign up if you’re interested in any of these. I was so relieved to finally see an accurate and “working” email being sent off to all my list after two false starts.
  13. I am happy to have a fair number of folk who have reconsented, plus a few who have unsubscribed. (Fair enough. I have also unsubscribed from a few newsletters that I originally signed up for but just don’t have time to read.)
  14. On Tuesday I completed all the above steps for Rise and Soar, and to my relief completed the email concerning the newsletter connected to that site.
  15. At the end of the process, I realised I didn’t HAVE a newsletter for that site. DUH!!! I guess it’s good the email is standing waiting in the wings should I ever go that way. But I would actually have been MORE thankful if I’d realized I didn’t need this before I spent hours working on it!
  16. Thank you that only yesterday I woke up to my list of readers who receive a weekly inspirational message in their inboxes—Closer Walk. That was on another site which almost spiked my blood pressure all over again! The very thought of having to learn another site’s rules and regulations. So I moved the entire list onto MailChimp.
  17. Thank you that I was able to open another account on MC to cope with this list.
  18. And thanks that the transfer was easy. (At least SOMETHING has been easy!)
  19. I’m grateful that I have sent off the introductory welcome and explanation with the reconsent form to the members of the original list.If you’d like to join up and try these out, you can do so by the easy action of clicking on the green button. 

Yes! I’d like to receive a “Closer Walk devotional email in my inbox each week.

  1. Thank you to the people who responded to my question on the above FB group on how to get people called by their first name. Hopefully, this will work! (Let me know if it doesn’t!)
  2. Thank you to the following people who have assisted joined me in some way on this adventure. (Sorry if I’ve left any one out. Please let me know in the comments section and I’ll add your name!)
  3. Val Waldeck
  4. Tracy Crump
  5. Marion Ueckermann
  6. Robin Adams
  7. Eimear Kearney
  8. Laura Christenson for a very informative short video. (If you’re still struggling with GDPR you might like to check it out here.)
  9. Cathy Xiao Chen
  10. Michelle Green
  11. Finally thanks to the support teams on the various sites I use, including
  12. D9 Hosting
  13. MailChimp
  14. WordFence
  15. Any others that I’ve missed out!

And that brings to an end this week’s Thankful Thursday post. I hope you’ve found something beneficial here. If you’re doing the GDPR journey, I really do wish you all the best! Thank you for reading. And blessings on your week!

Finally – what action are you going to take today? You can click on the green button above, or you can answer the question below! Or you can add a thankful / gratitude post to the link below. (Or all three  🙂 ) Enjoy your week!

21 comments on “Thankful Thursday Week 21

  1. With the beginning of the month of May, I started keeping a daily gratitude journal and reading your thankful Thursday posts I am inspired to write a weekly gratitude post. I always wonder how to make my personal posts work for the readers. The one thing that I know they make the reader feel lighter and become amused (as told to me). So, does this suffice? My parents both have hypertension but I have never been able to understand the digits on the BP measurement scale. I am glad you are fine, Shirley. And GDPR! Another thing I am glad for is it is over.

    • Hi Anamika. Glad you’re now writing gratitude posts too. Yes, when I first started, I didn’t expect anyone to read the posts! Yet they are being well-read. I have found that they are each starting to develop around a theme, which is good. I think it makes them more interesting and more useful to my readers. Thanks Pratikshya. The last couple of months have been quite stressful and I’ve found this thankful challenge a really good exercise. It’s amazing how you can always find something to be grateful for, even during trying times! As for BPs . . . with a family history of hypertension PLEASE have your bp checked regularly. The numbers are easy to understand. Ask someone to explain them to you, or even Google it. Hypertension is not like getting flu. It can be life-threatening, as my life has shown recently. The three I’s to beware of

  2. I enjoy reading your gratitude posts! Hope your health is doing better now.

    GDPR was a real pain. I am still not entirely done with the transition, but I’m getting there.

    I had no idea about the Mailchimp Facebook group. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I still haven’t figured out the GDPR and want to know if it is compulsory for every blogger to comply with it. How does one do it anyways? I haven’t explicitly mentioned gratitude or thanks to my friends who made my weekend break special but I do hope my post qualifies for your link party. If not, my apologies and I won’t link unless I specifically have a gratitude post.

    • Re GDPR, if you have any type of form on your site or newsletter etc that is visited or read by anyone (even ONE) person who is in the EU then you need to follow GDPR. South Africa is in the process of developing their own system (groan) so I’ve just gone across the board asking folk to sign up again. The three I’s to beware of (Your post is super thank you!}

  4. This was definitely not the week to have GPDR take effect. Fortunately, the Blogger site I use took care of that (I hope! I made sure it was posting the disclosure on the sites those outside the United States access). I wonder how many bloggers are either noncompliant or have decided not to pursue blogging any more.

  5. Gratitude! Always a great way to look back at the thing accomplished, be positive so to say.
    Glad GDPR changes also worked for you. It’s a pain but the several teams surely helped their customers I guess.

  6. GDPR has given a lot of people headaches.Luckily blogger automatically displays a message when the blog is accessed from EU. Hope your BP is under control now.

  7. Nice post, as usual and a great tip about the cta, not considered having one at the beginning of a post.

    The Privacy thing – tedious, obviously, but some people have gone into a right faff about it and the re-affirming subscriptions thing is totally unnecessary if you have used it honestly in the first place (YOU being a generic you, not you, Shirley!)


    • Thanks for your visit. Re the re-affirming, unfortunately, I had added a lot of folk from lists at talks etc, and then in the interest of no clutter, disposed of the originals! So I had a lot of folk where I couldn’t tell the country they came from. Ah well, learning curve! Enjoy your weekend.

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