Thankful Thursday 2018 ~ Week 14

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Happy Thankful Thursday everyone!

Today's Tip:

If you're a regular blogger (and if you're not, you really should be!) you need to set yourself a fixed schedule. The good point of this is to set a certain amount of tasks and make a not of what time you will start and when you will finish.

HINT: Allow spaces between each task as almost always things take longer than you planned! The bad point of this is you can find yourself getting stressed if you realize you're not going to be finished in time. Decide before you start how you will deal with this (because it WILL happen sooner probably more likely than later!)

  • You can either stop on time, save your work, and move to your next task. Then you can finish it off the next day.
  • OR you can carry on until you're finished and if necessary remove one of the tasks from the day and put it onto the next day.
  • Once 5 o’clock hits, or whatever time you've decided to end your day . . . Save and stop! Carry on the next day!

This series of deadlines

  • produces a sense of urgency to get on with the job
  • limits the tasks you assign yourself for the day
  • because your schedule forces you to stop at 5 pm, you will feel pressured to complete the most important tasks.

And now onto the next 39 thankful points for this week.

(Reminder - my goal is 2018 thank you's by the end of 2018!)

  1. Reminders of Easter and the wonders of the resurrection.
  2. All the beautiful messages that came through on Whatsapp and Facebook.
  3. A safe trip through to East London.
  4. Seeing the amazing greenery alongside the road - after our brown drought conditions.
  5. I managed to keep up my goals on my fitbit.
  6. Grateful for a supportive husband who would pull the car over every now and then and let me get out and walk 250 steps along the side of the road to keep up my step count!
  7. Start to the A to Z Challenge on time. A was the ONLY post scheduled for this week! Yikes!
  8. B post written that night and scheduled for the next morning.
  9. C post started the night before it was due and polished before posting in the morning.
  10. Now up to date, with the next day scheduled (D).
  11. Met our new great-niece for the first time. What an absolute cutie!
  12. Went for a walk along the beach while she played with her mommy and daddy in the lagoon.
  13. Loved walking on the sand. Why don't we do it more often at home?
  14. Paddled in the very cold water with the waves lapping around my toes.
  15. Enjoyed first meal together with my brother and sister-in-law, nephew and niece and little Julieanne.
  16. Peaceful evening chatting together.
  17. Enjoyed seeing over their new double-storey house which they're turning into a B & B (Bed and Breakfast).
  18. Stunning view from two of the bedrooms.
  19. Incredible view from the deck at the front.
  20. Spent a lovely morning working on posts on the deck while the rest of the family walked down to the beach.
  21. Pippa, their German Shepherd who was so desperately ill two weeks ago, loved dancing in and out of the waves.
  22. Lovely watching both dogs frolicking in the sea.
  23. Such amazing peace where my brother and sister-in-law are now living.
  24. Despite being in a small village many miles from proper civilization it seems much safer than where we live.
  25. Lovely to be able to sit in the home with all the doors and windows open and not have to close security gates.
  26. At night, sleeping with windows open - no burglar bars. With us being upstairs, no burglar bars needed which is awesome.
  27. My brother and sister-in-law have just taken their son and family off to the airport on their way home to Johannesburg. Thank you for our time together, and for the peace of the home with just Rob and I here, both working on our laptops.
  28. I've managed to get a fair amount of writing done even though we're on holiday (vacation) with family.
  29. I've been offered a "granny cottage" in the grounds of friends back in Port Elizabeth for next week so I can have a mini-retreat.
  30. For six days, Rob will drop me off there at 8 am and fetch me at 9 pm. So I'll have six days without interruption or distraction (hopefully) and will be able to concentrate on getting my book finished.
  31. Rob has finished all but one illustration for the book. So thrilled with them.
  32. I am so thankful for this opportunity as I don't see me meeting the deadline without it.
  33. I have got an alternative sky for the cover, so I am going to see what Al and Denise (brother and sister-in-law) prefer. Glad to be able to get an honest opinion on the choice of covers.
  34. Everything is going well with the Fitbit. I've   won several trophies already, and I'm making most of the goals most days.
  35. Best of all, I lost 3 kgs ( 6.5 lbs) in the first five days! Awesome huh? I won't weigh myself until I get back to my own scale at home.
  36. I'm feeling relaxed here, even though we've only been here for two days.
  37. Two more full days before we return home.
  38. We get back to a packed schedule. We have Prime timers which we run for the over 50's in our area on Saturday.

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  1. Great blogger tips. It’s so easy to get distracted. Setting a deadline helps. Hope you dog is feeling well now. Kudos on keeping up with your steps 😊 have a wonderful week ahead.

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