Thankful Thursday 2018 ~ Week 10

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Happy Thursday everyone!

Can you believe we're onto Week 10 of the Thankful Thursday Challenge? 

I'm thrilled to be report I've kept up to date so far this year. Okay, so we've only had two months, but that's 1/6 of the way through the year!

Before I report in on this past week, here's the

Tip for the Week:

Answer a question! 

This is a new concept I've just come across. The podcast I was listening to asked the question, Why is someone reading your blog posts? 

Ummm . . . I didn't know! Do you know why someone would want to read your post? They'll read because you have something they want to read, right? Doesn't that make sense? So how do we know what they want to read? We ask them!

So here we go. I'm going to ask you to ask me a question.

  • Anything that you think I might be able to answer. Ask me
  • about a topic you think I could share about in a blog post.
  • about my life, my country, my nationality (that gets complicated!).
  • what blog posts I enjoy reading . . . and that may just spark off an idea that you can write about!

Then put the tip into practice. On your next blog post, invite your readers to ask you a question! Fun? I think so.

So I invite you to drop to the comment section, and quickly dash off a question for me. If I choose to write an entire blog post on your question, I will send you a pdf version of one of my Out of the Shadow set of books.

(Woah! Once you've left the comment, come back and read the post! 😛 )

This last week has been a crazy hectic kind of week. The sort that you don't know how you'll ever survive. Do you ever have those sort of weeks?

So that brings me to the first thank you . . .

  1. I survived last week!
  2. Last Monday, I didn't think I could squash in one more thing. I did. A whole lot of things happened! So glad I coped!
  3. Thank you for my brother and sister-in-law paying us a visit from East London.
  4. It was so good to hear from them when they phoned a couple of days before and asked if they could come for lunch. YAY! First time they've been here since their move to East London (4 hours away).
  5. Thank you for a braai (aka barbeque) with the family of my friend, Jen.  They're on their way to New Zealand from the UK.
  6. Thank you for meeting that cute little boy, Ezra. Coming up for two and such a busy little chap.
  7. It was good to be back in our own church for a service. We don't make it all that much at the moment because of Rob's preaching in other churches.
  8. Huge thanks that a new friend, Elsje, has come on board to help us with Primetimers.
  9. Thank you that she promoted the next meeting with such enthusiasm that one lady said to me, "She can sell ice to Eskimos!"
  10. Grateful for a Happy Echoes concert at Cheshire Homes - a home for mentally disabled adults.
  11. Thanks that the concert went fairly well, for the first of the year.
  12. Thank you for the joy on the faces of those in the audience. One man even managed to join in most of the songs.
  13. Such a thrill to realize we've made a difference to their day.
  14. We were invited to a special tea in our hall with representatives of the Echo Head Office. Every year, one specific group are invited to attend. This year it was for those who have lived in our retirement village for between eleven and fifteen years.
  15. It was a great time of fellowship, meeting up with folk who moved in around the same time as us.
  16. We are a big village, so some of them we haven't seen for years, especially if they don't participate in the functions we attend. Good to meet up with them again.
  17. Thank you for the words of Psalm 118:1. They are so true!

  1. Friday was Women's World Day of Prayer. The ladies of Suriname (top of South America in case you don't know) put together a beautiful service that was used across the world.
  2. Thank you that I was able to play the piano for the morning service in another church, where they were without a pianist.
  3. Thank you I played okay, seeing as thanks to the hectic week I hadn't even tried the music through once!
  4. So glad they were all well known songs, so I knew I should have no problem with them.
  5. In the afternoon, I spoke at the service here in our hall. The theme was Everything God Made was Very Good! If you read last week's post, you would know how amazingly well that theme fitted in with my life at the moment!
  6. Thank you that the talk went well.
  7. I didn't have time to condense my notes into short headers, and in fact I really enjoyed speaking from full notes. That's a new one for me, and I found I had freedom that way. So I may do that way again!


PrimeTimers on Saturday!

  1. What an awesome morning we had. Thank you that we had such energy and enthusiasm, despite my hectic week!
  2. We had a record number of 71 over-fifties sitting around tables in the church hall. Such great fellowship.
  3. Sharon from our church gave a short talk and demonstration on a ministry she runs. Her group of ladies (and one man) crochet or knit the most beautiful baby clothes and children's toys.
  4. They donate them to in-need groups, prem babies, safe homes, and many other places. They've recently been asked to crochet toys for little girls who are rape victims.  😳 So very sad. But grateful that these ladies do such an amazing work.
  5. When they meet, they enjoy fellowship, tea and cake, and pray for one another. Lovely to hear about.
  6. Thank you for a new challenge for Prime Timers—to collect wool for these ladies. (I wish I could ask you to send some over the web!)
  7. When it came to the entertainment, what a treat. We had asked Robert, a fairly new pianist for Happy Echoes choir, to play the piano for half an hour. Wow! He was so good! He would explain about the next few songs, then played a melody. Brilliant.
  1. Thank you for a safe trip to Jeffrey's Bay, about an hour away from PE.
  2. Rob enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the congregation of elderly folk who are getting ready to move into their new church.
  3. He preached well, and the congregation seemed to enjoy his message.
  4. Thank you for a safe trip home.
  5. It was good to stop over at Bay West Shopping Mall on the outskirts of PE.
  6. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy one another's company over a nice meal.
  7. A big thank you that on Sunday afternoon we were able to collapse on our beds for an afternoon nap!
  8. Sunday evening I was able to work on three cards using the new technique we learned at Cardies a couple of weeks ago.
  9. At Happy Echos (choir) on Monday we learned a new Afrikaans medley. In itself, that was good. But the really thrilling thing was the medley was compiled by Robert (mentioned above) without any help from Carol (our leader who doesn't speak Afrikaans) or me (deputy leader who does.)
  10. Tomorrow, we're looking forward to friends Tony and Ruth Dell who are coming for lunch. They presently live in Johannesburg, so we only see them every year or so for a few hours. Tony and I were at school together, and Ruth is a member of the online writing group I run. They are leaving soon to immigrate to Ireland.
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37 comments on “Thankful Thursday 2018 ~ Week 10

  1. Looks like you had a busy but wonderful week. It is nice to be grateful for all the blessings we have.
    My question would be “How do you make yourself to look at the positives when everything seems to be going wrong?”

    • Thanks, Reema, it was a good week. Re your question, it isn’t always the first reaction, but I’m committed to this challenge for a year (2018 thanks in 2018) so I have to think a bit harder. And you know what? There’s always good to be found in every situation. Thanks for the question, and all the best as you look for good in all situations!

  2. Boy, you are busy. I have good intentions of doing a challenge but never get to it. As my husband always says “organization is the key to success” and you would need to be super organized to have such a full life.

    • I’m not sure about being super organized! But somehow I get through most things. The things that don’t get done may be done later or may not be done at all. Blessings.

  3. As the sister in law of a man with autism, I can tell you how important community support is-thank you! My question-what one thing about South Africa do you think is most misunderstood by those who have never visited? (Hopefully you have a ready answer, given all those visitors you have hosted).

    • THANK YOU Alana for a fascinating question.
      The short answer is: Strangers to S.Africa are probably surprised to find that we live in cities with skyscrapers and modern buildings, and our wild animals don’t roam the streets. They are contained in beautiful and large game reserves.
      The longer answer is: You’ve just won yourself a pdf of one of my shadow books, as I can see this would be a fun blog post to write and read! Which book would you prefer? Naomi? Eve? Or Miriam (I presume book 1 unless you already have that.)
      Unfortunately, the blog post will only go up after April as I am enrolled in the A to Z challenge. But I look forward to writing it! Thank you!

  4. Wow you had a busy week. It’s always fun to speak to the family or on video call. We don’t have many friends around here, so I miss a lot of get togethers and meets. Lucky are those who get this chance. 😊
    I have wondered about the question too. But the more I think the more I get stressed out about my writing and the purpose of it all. 😊

    • Yes, it was a crazy couple of weeks. We have no family anywhere near us, so I’m always so grateful for our Skype and Whatsapp calls. They don’t happen often enough as the family are all busy, as are we. LOL! Please don’t stress over the question. 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for visiting. It looks more than it is! The last couple of weeks have been crazy hectic, but this week has been easier to manage. Still, I need to find 6 things a day to be grateful for, which is really not difficult.

  5. I have recently started keeping a gratitude journal, but I don’t think I’ve ever been able to find so many things to be thankful for in a day. Though I know that I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, small things that I overlook. Reading your post has reminded me to be more mindful of the little things.

    • Shanaya, it’s really not so many if you include the little things! In order to reach my goal of 2018 thanks in the year 2018, I have to give thanks for 6 things! Have a grateful week!

  6. Considering all the references you’ve made to the different people in this post, I’d say you areAustralian. So my question is what is your nationality? Love the way you manage to find 7 things to be grateful for each day. Ima e lots to be grateful for too, but somehow find it strange to acknowledge the ordinary . E.g right now I’m grateful that I could contain my GERD without my usual medication …. but I wouldn’t really think it something significant enough to list!

    • Hi. Thanks for the question.It’s complicated. 🙂 I was born in Scotland, brought up in Rhodesia which is now Zimbabwe, and have lived most of my adult life in South Africa. I’ve never been to Australia!
      And yes, the idea of saying thanks for the tiny things is new for me too, but why? I’m grateful for my medication that controls my GERD! (So I’m grateful for people that spend their lives creating meds!)
      Have a great week.

    • LOL! I often am too – when I DO achieve them all. But look who’s talking? When are you off to the Holy Land?
      Thanks for joining me on the A to Z Challenge.

  7. What a lovely post, it’s nice to hear someone being genuinely thankful (not using ‘being grateful’ as an excuse to boast. Breath of fresh air

    Good luck the challenge

    • Thanks for your visit and comment, Sonia. The secret is being thankful for the little things (for which there’s no scope to boast!) Have a great weekend. It’s nearly here!

  8. I couldn’t come up with a question to ask you Shirley – I’ve been having a whole lot of “women’s health” issues these last few weeks – two last minute hospital admissions and ops so am a bit wrung out. I would like to say how grateful I am for our health system and how God has smoothed the way for me to get it sorted out, but it’s been a fairly draining and tiring time.

    • Oh Leanne, I’m so sorry to hear about your health situation. Two ops close together are not fun. (Voice of experience here!) I am praying that the medical folk will be able to get on top of everything and that you’ll soon be back to your usual sunny self! The Lord bless you!

    • Wonderful, Ruth. It was lovely seeing you guys as well. And AGAIN we forgot to take a photo! Of course, you’re doing yours daily, where as mine is published weekly, so yes, I’m also into my 400’s now (as you will be tomorrow!)

      It’s a great challenge, hey? It’s good for US as well as fun posts.

  9. Thank you Shirley for being my guest in the Over 50 & Thriving series and discussing your Two Thousand and Eighteen Challenge. You are certainly one busy lady and it is so inspiring to read all that you are thankful for. Have a fabulous week. I don’t have a question at the moment but that is a great idea so thanks for sharing that as well.

  10. My question to you Shirley is “How do you manage to do so many things in a day?” Next is “What is the secret of you being so energetic all through out your undertakings?”
    And these questions have stemmed from knowing you from your posts and always feeling ashamed of myself that I can hardly do half of what you have been doing! Please take a bow!

    • LOL! Thanks for your questions and for your encouragement. And no, I’m not taking a bow! I do tend to get myself hyper-organized when I have something I need to do, and I try to work in advance. I’ve just thought I should respond to questions in a future blog post (see? I try to use everything!), so that’s enough for you now. 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Oh Anagha, bless you! What is my secret to being so energetic? I was born hyperactive and rarely slow down! Having said that, age is starting to influence my speed! And how do I manage to do so many things in a day? I set myself goals for the day and very rarely complete them all! At the end of the day I decide if they’re really important enough to move them onto the next day, or if they should be tossed. The latter is often true! So no, definitely no bow! 🙂 Just a thank you for your nice words!

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