2018 Thankful Thursday begins. 2018?Are you Kidding? Well, no . . .

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A Happy and Thankful New Year!

We’ve finally arrived! May 2018 contain many blessings for you and your loved ones. And may we together find so many thankful points we are amazed!

This is the first post of our (hopefully) 2,018 thankful points to be posted throughout the year 2018. If you haven’t been following the lead-up to this challenge, read the previous post which will give you the details.

I have been jotting down thankful points on post-it notes I have in several places in my home. I needed 5 – 7 per day – which should give me around 39 per week.

Of course, this week only started on 1st January and I’m writing this on Wednesday 3rd (my husband’s birthday!) so I only need to post 21.

This week’s helpful hint:

I’ve decided to offer a weekly tip (provided I don’t run out of inspiration!) to help you in this challenge. It will also make it more worthwhile reading my weekly Thankful_Thursday post.

So for this week:

How to space your numbered points:

Numbered lists traditionally appear one after the other with no space between. So if you click on the numbered list option, your list will start with 1, and each number will appear directly under the previous one.

    1. 1 first point
    2. second point
  1. third point
  2. and so on.

But with 39 points, this will look very cluttered, so I want a space between each. I go to the text view, and in order to add a space between each point, I change each <li> to <li style=”margin-bottom: 10px;”> (Just copy/paste over the <li>.)

When I return to the visual page it will now appear as

  1. 1 first point
  2. second point
  3. third point
  4. and so on.

I hope you find that helpful. Let me know in the comments section below.

Here are my first thankful points for the year:

  1. Great memories formed over the Christmas break with my family.
  2. Safe travels for the entire family as they faced heavy traffic and in one case a very long air trip (from Monte Negro to S.Africa).
  3. 1st January – the gift of 365 brand new, squeaky clean days.
  4. Thrill of this new Thankful Thursday challenge.
  5. Signed up for free 15 days of InLinkz (to run linky with this project).
  6. Time of prayer looking back on 2017 and looking forward to 2018. Stopped when we heard the count-down to 2018 from the beach.
  7. Front-row seat (on our stoep) to watch spectacular  fireworks ushering in the New Year on the beach a few streets over.
  8. Joy of community as I greeted friends on Whatsapp and Facebook across the country after midnight.
  9. Grateful for Facebook and the ability to exchange greetings with people across the world.
  10. Thanks to Val Waldeck for introducing me to Trello.
  11. A quiet day on New Year’s Day with a strong wind which kept us indoors. A chance to start setting up Trello.
  12. A husband who spent New Year’s Day happily playing Fifa on Play Station, leaving me free to work on Trello!
  13. A lovely long chat with my brother in Jo’burg on New Year’s Day.
  14. Skype video call with my cute great-niece, two-year-old Julianne, whom I haven’t yet met in person.
  15. Happy New Year greetings from daughter Debbie in Cape Town. She returns to Monte Negro next Saturday.
  16. Greetings exchanged with my card group, a super bunch of ladies built around a shared hobby.
  17. RAIN! It rained last night around 1 am and again this morning. What a wonderful start to the New Year. (We are currently experiencing horrific drought conditions.)
  18. News of rain in Cape Town, which is currently struggling with the worst drought in over a century.
  19. Thanks for Steve (elder son) who helped me sign up with PayPal when it first became available in S.Africa.
  20. Praise for balance in PayPal which I can use to sign up for a monthly membership with Linkitz.
  21. Thanks for starting to learn about Linkitz and all its possibilities.

Below, see the details of the Link-up.

    • Please add a link to your Thankful post and I will attempt to visit them all.
    • Please visit a few, at least two but preferably more, of the posts in the Link-up. Thank you.
    • Copy the code in the window below and then paste it at the end of your post. This will add my blog button and link.
    • Keep listing your thankful points!
    • And come again next week

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Instructions: Select all code above, copy it and paste it inside your blog post as HTML

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32 comments on “2018 Thankful Thursday begins. 2018?Are you Kidding? Well, no . . .

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  2. Shirley, after reading your previous post on 2018 thankful points, I was inspired. And now a days, when I go for a walk in morning, I find some many things to be thankful for, getting to hear the chirps, sight of busy people making their way, fresh air, the hues in the sky and what not! Thank you so much for this new insight.
    And I can see that you are really enjoying the vibes of every moment! Keep going.

    • Thank you, Anagha. It’s such fun reading people’s comments and seeing how this challenge is encouraging them even if they’re not linking up with the blog posts. Great to hear it’s helping you too. 🙂

  3. So many beautiful things to be grateful about. And front row seats wow… The fireworks must be spectacular. Cool trick to add numbered list. I wish you a fabulous year ahead.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rajlakshmi. We don’t technically have front seats, but our cottage is only two streets from the beach and of course fireworks are shot into the sky. So we get to see them beautifully without dealing with the crowds and wild music! I plan to do a tip each week – as long as I keep thinking of them! 🙂

  4. Hi Shirl,, thank you for getting me started on 2018 thank yous in 2018. I have recorded gifts before this and it’s great to page through them all again a few years and relive the moments.

    I’m recording my 2018 in a good old-fashioned diary so won’t be posting them online, I also want to keep them personal. I recorded 45 gifts in the first week.

    Two tips from experience
    1.list your gifts under each day’s date, you’ll enjoy knowing exactly when they were given to you when you read through the list in the future.
    2 Be specific, no matter how trivial a gift may seem eg don’t say thank you for my cat, but rather thank God for warmth of Misty’s little paws on my lap on a cold frosty morning.

    • Hi Ruth. Thanks for the visit. Great to hear you’re also working on these. Yes, I’m already doing point 2, and I’ve encouraged others to do the same. But point 1 won’t work when I’m doing it online. It adds way too much work to my already over-loaded timetable. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion though. Have a great week.

    • Thank you Sue. One down, 51 to go! #2 is ready to go apart from a few more thankful points. Now I’ve sorted out how to do it (and re-written the code in a way I can understand it) it should go easier. It has to! I have a writing life outside of “thankfulness”!

    • Hi Mahati,
      Thank you so much for alerting me to this problem. I have tried it for myself to another website I own and I also had a problem. I’ve opened a support ticket to see what’s wrong. This is my first link-up so it’s been quite a learning curve and obviously my learning is not yet over. 🙂
      I’ll let you know what transpires. Have a good weekend.

  5. Love that you gave pointers on “how to write points”. I admire your willingness to go the extra mile for others. I did add my latest post even though I did not write it with your post in mind since I had not been on your site yet. I will be visiting you often.

    • Wonderful, Mahati. Thank you. I look forward to your post. The link-up will be live until Tuesday night. Wednesday will be a break and then Thursday early the next post goes up.

    • Oh yes, I totally understand that problem. Hence I’m trying to be hyper-organized and leaving notes all over the house! My next Thursday post is almost finished – just awaiting another 30 thankful points.

  6. Loved reading your thankful notes. Especially where the husband spent the day on playstation. Well, I will love that, so I can pursue what I want 😉 . I guess this is a pleasure only for those who have been married for a long time.

  7. Birdbrain isn’t going to let me participate in this (I don’t think I can focus long enough for 39 points!), but I think it’s great what you’re doing, Shirley. Happy New Year! I hope the blessings keep flowing all year long…

    • Thanks Leanne! I was so thrilled when the first linky appeared. 🙂 Val linked to her site instead of her post so I had to hunt for it, but I’m in touch with her via Skype and will see if she can change the link.

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