Two Common Sayings beginning with B

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Each Monday, I’m posting on my blog about a phrase or common saying, what they mean and how they came about Sometimes there will be only one saying, while other times there may be more. I won’t in any way cover all the possibilities as I’d like to complete the series in this lifetime. But it should be fun. Join me?

I intend working through the alphabet, so sign up at the end of the post so you don’t forget to visit me each Monday and perhaps participate by adding suggestions.

So today we look at B.

B is for Bite the Bullet, and Bring Home the Bacon.

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Two Common Sayings beginning with A

This entry is part 3 of the series Common Sayings

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American Words and their meaning

I have recently been impressed by a friend who has emigrated from South Africa and taken up residence in America. He sends out regular newsletters and has started including snippets on the meaning of American words and how they developed.

In the past I’ve had quite a bit published online and in print, about some of the different meanings of words and phrases between the various forms of International English. Not wanting to steal the idea from Eugene, but intrigued by the idea of where words or phrases come from, I’ve decided to research some common phrases—what they mean, and how they came about. read more