The 24-hour Retreat

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WEDNESDAY 8th continues:

The Sandy Cove delegates who remained for the 24-hour retreat signed up for the writing track of their choosing. The options were Beginner, Fiction, or Non-fiction. I headed for Non-fiction, because I had attended the Non-fiction continuing class. However I had only been there for minutes when I realised I was in the wrong place. read more

The Long-Anticipated Conference

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SUNDAY 5th. OCTOBER: I’m really here! Geni and I entered the beautiful set of conference buildings and were greeted by Jim Watkins, conference co-ordinator. As soon as he heard my name, he smiled and said, “We would like to interview you on stage this evening about your writing experiences in South Africa.”

This seemed crazy. I had come all this way to have experiences, not to share them. Most of my writing experiences have been through the Internet. read more

On American Soil

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LATER : On arrival at Dulles Airport, Washington D.C., Krieshka, the Finnish lass, stayed to help me. I had no problem with Immigration, and smiled in appreciation at the official who announced, “Welcome to America, Mrs. Corder. Enjoy your stay.”

I knew that CynD and Jim Smith would be waiting for me in the arrivals hall. They were looking for a woman on her own, dressed in navy and green. Krieshka and I walked out together, and I was dressed completely in navy. read more