Thankful Thursday ~ Summary

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This series is in the process of being removed, except for the current post which will be linked to at the end of this post. Thank you to all those who have enjoyed, commented, and encouraged me along the way. It’s been an exciting challenge, and it seems a good time to wrap things up.

As some of you will understand, this is a huge undertaking and time at the moment is in very short supply. So for now, the posts will be in draft format until they are added to the summary and removed. Thank you for your patience. I can just assure you that all the numbers are correct, and the posts are saved on my website for future reference.

Summary of Thank yous 2018

Post 37:Wonderful Gift: to 1680

Post 38: A Wonderful Venue: to 1770

Post 39: Christmas Day: to 1850  

Post 40:  Family Gathers: to 1908

Post 41: The End of a Year: to 1974

Post 42: The End of a Year and a Challenge! to 2018