Joy of Journaling

This entry is part 12 of the series Build a Better Blog

We’re still busy with the A to Z Challenge, following the theme, Build a Better Blog. Today, we’ve reached the letter J and so I thought we’d look at the

Joys of Journaling.

I used to think a journal was a daily account of everything I had done during the day. This meant several things, none of them good.

  • I had to write it at night so I knew what had happened during the day.
  • I had to list everything relevant that had happened and some days that took a long time.
  • I had to find time to do both.
  • I ran out of enthusiasm . . . fast!
  • I gave up.Then I discovered the world of blogging, and I realised I could journal while blogging. So here are some suggestions of how to Build a Better Blog by journaling.

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