Beware of Cultural Differences for Writers or Travelers

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thumbsup african kidWhen writing about different cultures we need to realize that in some situations, the culture, standards, code of ethics and traditions are completely different. Don’t just presume that because you would do a thing one way, so will all other cultures. See below for some cultural differences to watch out for.  read more

Discovering a New English

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English as a language

Before I became a writer, I believed English was one language. Click To Tweet New English

Before I became a writer, I believed English was one language. Wherever you lived, if you spoke English, you . . . spoke English! By the same token, if you wrote English, you . . . wrote English.

Obviously, my way of writing English was the correct way, the only way.  After all, I was English. (Scottish actually, but we’ll ignore that.)

Because I grew up in the British Colony of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) most of my books came from England. They were printed in the same English as my teachers taught. I moved to South Africa to study nursing, and all my textbooks were printed in the UK.

The Arrival of the Internet

Then along came the Internet. Global markets started to open. Here in South Africa, American magazines started to appear on our supermarket shelves. read more