Visualisation – the Key to Performance

Visualisation isn’t only for writers. And if you are a writer, it is not only for your writing. Steven Covey suggests that we spend a few minutes each day in visualization. He recommends that before starting to write, or before tackling any major project, you should sit down and think your way through the process. Let’s look at this from a writer’s perspective. read more

Wanted: One Writing Buddy

When I first started writing on a regular basis, I linked with a writing buddy who also wanted to be more disciplined with her writing. Only thing was, she was in England, and I live in South Africa. Yet it worked, and it worked well. read more

Let’s Talk

Dialogue can make or break a story. Nothing is worse than reading a passage where two characters have a stilted conversation with one another. Learn to listen to the way people talk, and see how they tell you about themselves in the way they talk. read more