A is for Awareness Alert – Build a Better Blog

This entry is part 3 of the series Build a Better Blog

We’re working through the alphabet looking at ways to Build a Better Blog. The previous post was an Introduction to the Series. Today we begin with A. 


  • People need to be aware of you

As writers, we’re always hearing of the importance of “branding”, or making it clear what type of writer you are. Readers need to know about you, about your brand, and what you’re doing. Blogging does that for you. It gets you out there, sharing your brand, without consciously having to think about it.

  • Others need to know about your posts.

There is no point in blogging in a vacuum. If you’re a writer, the more people who know about you, the better. If you’re writing for family and friends, they need to know when, where and how to keep up to date with your posts. There are a number of ways to help your readers be aware of your posts, and we’ll look at them over the next month. read more