One or 365? That is the question

Out of the Shadow Series

So far in the series, we’ve drawn three lesser-known ladies out of the shadow that hovers over them, and see them for what they really were: real live flesh-and-blood women.

We looked at Naomi out of the shadow of Ruth; Eve out of the shadow of the Garden of Eden; Miriam out of the shadow of the baby in the bulrushes; and out of the shadow of her brother, Moses.

Many have asked me, “What next?”

I guess that should rather say, “Who next?”

I am torn between doing another in the series, or taking a detour to publish a book of 365 devotions based on lesser-known Biblical women.

I could do the devotional book in two possible formats.

  • Write all 365 devotions then publishing them in one book. This will obviously take longer.
  • Publish 91 devotions per volume, until there are 365 in total, then assembling them into a boxed set. This will be quicker to produce.

I have already drafted many of these, so all going well, the 365 would be out by less than halfway through the year, whichever way I do them.

Some of the women I would cover are: Hagar, Jael, Leah, Shiprah, Tabitha, Salome, and many others.

So my question for you is, “What next?”

I’d love your input. Thank you.

I do hope to do both options, it is just a question of which one first. In other words, “What’s next?”

Please check off the box you would prefer.