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Share Your World:

This week has been a real mixed bag of emotions. Here are my responses to the questions posed by Cee Neuer. If you’re interested in knowing more about this challenge which right now has 7,952 followers, click on the title above.

SC: Sad start to the morning:

I’m starting on a sad note today by answering a question not asked. We’ve just returned from the vet where we said goodbye to our little old lady, Zoe, who has been part of our family for many years. People who don’t love animals (are there really people like that?) wouldn’t understand, but I know if you are a pet-lover you will.

Zoe was, and always will be, a part of our lives and hearts, and our home is so empty without her. It was time. We knew that. She was very old (18), was almost blind, had hardly any hearing, and over the last couple of days had become increasingly disorientated. Last night she tried to get into my bedside cupboard on the opposite side of the room to her bed. So it was the right and fair thing to do. But right now, it’s hard to ignore the glaring emptiness in her bed beside my computer.  (It will go later today, but right now all the bedding is in the washing machine.

Right – now on to the legitimate questions for this week!

SYW: List 2 things you have to be happy about?

SC: Sorry, but I have a one-track mind today!

    1. I’m happy we were able to do this for Zoe and didn’t have to watch her getting weaker and suffering.
    1. My Thankful Thursday challenge, which although there are only a couple of linkups each week, is attracting a lot of attention and responses. Many folk are climbing on the bandwagon of being thankful! And for that, I’m thankful!

SYW: Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewelry?

SC: A few years ago, when I was the leader of our province’s NaNoWriMo team, I made all the members of the tribe a goody bag. One of the items in each bag was a flat, smooth pebble picked up off the beach at the bottom of our road. On one side I transferred the logo of NaNoWriMo, a man running with a giant pencil. Underneath I printed the words, “Please turn me over!” On the other side it said, “Whew! Thank you!” It caused much laughter and I still have mine to this day.

SYW: Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

SC: Definitely a hugger. I also belong to a church full of huggers. As a family we are mostly all huggers, and those who joined our family through marriage had little option but to join the clan!

SYW: What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?

Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

This verse of Scripture itself has been inspirational to me. The creation of one of these images each week for my Thankful Thursday challenge is also an ongoing inspiration.

What inspired you this week?

Share in the comments below.

10 comments on “Share Your World ~ January 23 2018 #SYW

  1. I’m so sorry that Zoe’s time had come Shirley but I think you made the right decision before she suffered (sometimes we hold on for too long because we don’t want to let go) We had to make the same decision for our jack russell cross a couple of years ago and we know it was for the best – but so sad at the time.

    • Yes, it was Zoe’s time, but she was such a character. She’s left her with such memories – fun ones but they bring tears to our eyes at the moment.

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your furry friend! That’s a tough one to handle I know even though I don’t own a pet because its like losing a member of the family! Hugs, Shirley…I hope you find the strength in knowing that Zoe is in a happier place now.

    I”ve had a very difficult week but things are slowly getting better and I’m grateful for the fact that the optimist in me never really gave up even when hope was dwindling, which means a lot at this point.

    • Thanks for your sympathy,Esha.I’m sorry you’re going through a rough time. If you need to talk, message me on Facebook and I’ll send you my email address. Blessings!

    • Thanks Alana. We miss her so much. We’re sunny and warm too, here in S.Africa. In fact the last couple of weeks have been TOO sunny and warm. 🙂

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